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  • Joints are naturally slow to heal: Consistently feeding them with the right nutrients will help them heal for good.
  • Everyone is different: Some people heal faster than others. Different tissues and injuries repair at different speeds.
  • Science is on your side: Your body wants to repair & get stronger - providing the right building blocks will allow that to happen.
  • Reverse years of neglect: It's a lot to ask for your joints to fully bounce back in 2 short months.
  • You only get one set of joints: Look after them, and they'll look after you.

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Pippa Harper on Dec 17, 2020

I have recommended GLC2000 to so many people. I run and do cross fit and it’s really helped me stay niggle free for the past year. Brilliant product.

Stuart P on Jan 08, 2021

I’ve been taking GLC2000 for my knee pain for about 4 months and along with light exercise the pain has decreased approximately 50%, I have a torn meniscus which will eventually need surgery but at the moment GLC2000 is proving to be working great.

Louise Simpson on Jan 01, 2021

Every morning without fail as I first got out of bed my weak left ankle used to give way beneath me and if I forgot to prepare for it I would stumble – about 3 weeks after I started taking the supplements I noticed this happening less and its now been a good 10 consecutive days without it having happened at all! I’m definitely going to be sticking with them and I’ve got my dad on them now too.

Dominic Riley on Jan 01, 2021

My family has a history of arthritis. At 42 the joints in my hands had already started to hurt. Add that to my clicky knees and shoulder injury and doing physical activity was always a chore and I never made progress. After using GLC2000 for just a month I noticed that my hands had stopped hurting and my knees have stopped clicking… months later and I have a genuine spring in my step and feel like I did in my 20s!

Join the thousands of customers who invest in their joint health with GLC2000 – Give your body a chance to heal.

Offer not available anywhere else on the site. Grab it while you can.