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Mobility & Movement Seminar

Principles For Coaches To Assess And Improve Mobility & Movement

Presented by Mobilise Activate Perform & GLC2000
Most people understand that they should be doing something to look after their joints, loosen up and increase their flexibility. There is a wealth of information available, but having access to a library of drills or stretches is close to worthless if we are treating a symptom rather than the causes of an issue. This seminar will provide coaches and athletes with an applicable framework to diagnose the causes of poor movement effectively, and provide a broad toolbox of exercises to improve movement patterns.
Mobility is low hanging fruit
Small changes can lead to big improvements in quality of life and athletic performance.
Allow for consistent progress
Athletes being able to train and compete an entire season yields the highest potential for improvement.
Mobilise with purpose
Most mobility is performed on a ad hoc basis, often based on what is programmed for the day or an athletes ‘go to’ exercises. Helping coaches and athletes build a structured programme, with predefined mobility goals will provide superior results.

Seminar will provide participants with:

  • A framework to diagnose/understand incorrect/inefficient movement patterns
  • Principles to correct flawed movement patterns for common exercises (squat variations, deadlift, olympic lifts)
  • Strategies that help to restore broad function to joints and tissues
  • Tools to maximise athletic performance
  • Concepts to prevent and rehabilitate common injuries
  • Confidence to create progressive mobility programming in a group or individual setting

Seminar Information

Location: Crossfit Watford
Date: Sunday 19th November 2017
Time: 12:30pm – 4pm
Structure: 3x 1 hour modules including theory accompanied by practical demonstrations with Q&A actively encouraged.
The seminar is limited to 20 spaces to encourage participation, enhanced learning, interaction and feedback.
With over 50% of spaces already reserved.
Seminar will be lead by Hat Hewitt who is a qualified Sports Therapist, Movement Specialist & Co-Owner of Crossfit Watford.
Crossfit Watford prides itself on it’s members being ‘good movers’ and implements this seminar’s mobility and movement principles as a foundation for athletic performance, longevity and remaining injury free.
Hat also has over 5 years experience working with a variety of professional sports people, serving military personnel, high level Crossfit athletes and general population clients.
The course will also include up to 6 weeks of ongoing support of course principles for coaches and gym owners.

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