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GLC2000 is a unique joint health formula; scientifically backed, batch tested and patented for unrivalled results. Healthy joint and connective tissues are associated with:




Musculoskeletal injuries are commonplace among military service personnel. These can negatively affect performance during periods of intense training or when out on operation.
GLC2000 is formulated with ingredients that easily reach sore or injured joint & connective tissues. These important building blocks ensure your body can repair damage from repetitive movements like those seen in the annual fitness test.
GLC2000 provides ingredients that are vital for healthy joints, but are not easily found in our diet. The availability of these ingredients in your joint and connect tissue is thought to have a direct effect on the speed your body is able to repair and heal tissue damage that often leads to injury if not addressed.
Each batch of GLC2000 is batch tested for banned substances and HFL certified by Informed Sport. Meeting both UK Anti-Doping Association (UKDA) & World Anti-Doping Association (WADA) levels of safety. GLC2000 is approved for use by tested athletes as well as military personnel who may be asked to provide a compulsory drugs test sample. GLC2000 is also independently batch tested to ensure that it meets label claims for active ingredients. So each capsule provides what is on the label and no less, so you know exactly what you are paying for. Something that very few supplements can claim.
For optimal results GLC2000 should become part of your daily routine; whether you are preparing for a period of intense physical training, if you need to be ready for your next operation or you are looking to shorten your current injury rehabilitation.

Sgt Ben Gilmore

Royal Army Physical Training Corp
Lower limb injuries are the single highest cause for drop outs in the army, so I have always tried to take precautions to minimize injury risk. I’d always taken joint supplements but never really knew if they were making any difference.
As time went on the discomfort in my knees and ankles continued to get worse and my mobility began to decrease.
Within a few weeks of starting GLC2000 I noticed a significant improvement in my joint health.

Sgt Freya Lees

RAF Parachute Jump Instructor
As a parachute jump instructor we jump up to 6x a day. Injuries are part of the job, but I still absolutely hate missing out on jumps because of injuries.
Since I have started using GLC2000 on a daily basis, I am able to recover faster than expected by the medical staff.
So I can get back to doing what I love more quickly.

S.Sgt Spencer Whiteley

Fitter Section, Artificer Weapons, Army REME
I was medically discharged from the army as a result of a near fatal injury whilst serving in Iraq in 2007.
After 3 years in rehab, I could just about walk. I had no strength, zero mobility and ached constantly. I tried tonnes of things to try and deal with my aches. I was recommneded GLC2000, and within 6 weeks I felt noticeably less sore.

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