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Mike Collin

Mike Climbing

GLC2000 is a total godsend for me

My joints feel older than their years

I’ve worked outdoors my entire life; trick riding, weight training, swimming, rock climbing, all take their toll.

Obviously you can go for massages, acupuncture and other therapies but if the correct nutrients aren’t there then you’re basically swimming upstream.

I don’t need days between sessions anymore

Being introduced to GLC2000 has allowed my body to naturally repair on its own a lot quicker.

After a long climbing session my finger joints used to ache for at least a few days, sometimes a week. Now I’m pretty much ready for another climbing session the next day.

Being recommended GLC2000 has be a total godsend for me.

Why I use GLC2000:

  • Provides my body with nutrients I felt I’d been missing
  • Less time between training sessions
  • Less severe aches in all my joints
  • Means I can do my job more easily

Video Transcript

Hi there, my name’s Mike Collin.

I’ll have to apologise, as I am in costume at the moment

I’m waiting to go on set at the Spanish Princess with the horses of the double horseman.

I am a horseman, a trick rider, a world record holder in trick riding and I’m a trainee stuntman here in the UK.

I rock climb a lot, I train heavy with olympic lifting

And I’m basically bruising and battering my body on a weekly basis.

Getting into my mid thirties, I’m really starting to feel my age, it’s like miles on the clock.

My girlfriend put me onto GLC2000 about 5 months ago and the recovery time has halved.

My joints feel so much better.

If I run out at all or have a minimum of a week off I can definitely see the difference.

So I do tend to advise this to all my friends.

Yeah I just think it’s a brilliant product.

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