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Melissa Henderson

‘How GLC helped me avoid shoulder & hip surgery’

GLC2000 – “My genie in a bottle”
Surgery seemed like the only option I had left to deal with my shoulder issues, but it wasn’t a road I was ready to travel down. When I heard about GLC2000 in October this year, I decided I had to give it a try.
I suffered a complete labrum tear and damage to the subscapularis when I dislocated my shoulder doing a demonstration in the gym back in 2011. However this wasn’t the main reason I wanted to try the supplement. The main reason was my hip pain had become much worse, due to a hip condition I was born with coupled with two suspected tears.
After I competed in the 2012 CrossFit Regionals as part of a team, my body decided it had, had enough. Some days it felt like my hip and shoulder were competing for which could cause me the most discomfort.
I spoke to my consultant who again suggested surgery, but I still had my reservations. I had heard one to many stories of people having the surgery and being no better off.
After speaking to GLC2000 I didn’t want to waste anymore time.
My training had become non-existent and having looked at my options I knew I wasn’t ready for surgery, so I asked him to send a bottle out as quickly as possible.
I received my bottle and within a couple of days I noticed that I wasn’t waking up at night and I was finally getting a good nights sleep.
The next test was to try to air squats and I was relieved to have no problems.
I then ventured back into the gym for a lifting session. After a good warm up I went over to the squat rack and started loading the bar. I was hesitant at first but I was surprised not only because there was no discomfort but it also felt easy.
At the end of the session I had managed to squat 80kg and do a 50kg push press for x3, the heaviest I’ve lifted over my head in two and a half years.
Now before you start thinking this was weeks or months after taking the supplement, it wasn’t, this was all within a week of starting it!

As I’d only been taking the supplement for a week and any potential long-term benefits wouldn’t have set in yet, I decided to stop the supplement to test it.
I wanted to make sure the results I was getting were a result of the supplement.
Within a few days of not taking the supplement I could feel the aches creeping back. After a week of being off the supplement I went back on and sure enough within days I was feeling good again.
To say I am happy with the results is an understatement. I’m excited about training again and where it will take me. I feel like I have my own little genie in a bottle and I know exactly what my 3 wishes are!
Melissa is a coach at Crossfit Central Manchester

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