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Matt Spence

I don’t really write for these things. But when Jon from GLC called me up asking to share my story, I weirdly felt duty bound.
It’s a great product, as consumers to joint supplements we’re spoilt for choice. The holland and barretts, boots stuff seems good, is the same price, has lots of star ratings. And I’m sure they are good for those people but they just didn’t work for me.
A friend (who I think is also on this site, Tony) told me about this due to my tennis elbow.
At first, maybe 3 weeks I felt no difference. In fact was tempted to ask for a refund. But carried on largely because of Tony’s success.  Around week 5 I suddenly realised my elbow didn’t hurt when I locked my arm out. It wasn’t gradual (although I’m sure it was), it just felt like one day it was fixed.
I ordered a 2nd cycle and haven’t had a problem since.
Matt Spence, 27, Canterbury

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