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Masters at War 2014 Newsletter

Masters at War 2014

GLC2000 are proud to be supporting Crossfit Master’s Athletes

After sponsoring the 4 Nations Masters team GLC2000 are proud to be supporting the joint health of Masters Crossfitters yet again.
If you are struggling with any joint issues or have any questions about how GLC2000 can help you come and chat with us at TRAIN Manchester on the 27th of September.
We help support the joints of Olympian and Commonwealth Medalist and record holder Michaela Breeze, as well as European Masters Crossfit Champs, and Masters Crossfit athletes aiming for ‘The Games’

Dealing with a Torn Patella Tendon

Matthew Lewis SquatIn Sept 2012 I tore my patella tendon, this meant a 3 month break from training and a long road to recovery. The surgeon would not operate and said it would heal ‘in time’ with rehab!
Recovery was extremely slow due to muscle wastage, loss of mobility and general soreness in the knee joint from lack of use.
After 3 weeks of using GLC2000 I was able to squat down to 90* for the first time and the soreness was barely noticeable.

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Sore Shoulder & Poor ROM

LuggBikeI’d wake up most days with a sore shoulder and some days my range of motion was so poor I couldn’t lift it above my head. I thought my Competitive Crossfit days were over.
After taking GLC2000 I was not only able to bench and shoulder press again, but I would no longer wake up with a sore shoulder.
Now I’m able to compete again!
For any fence sitters out there I’d say give GLC2000 a try.

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Michaela Breeze MBE –
Olympian and Commonwealth Record Holder

Michaela Breeze Snatch Glasgow
At 35 years of age Michaela Breeze broke her own Commonwealth Games Snatch record from 2002.
She came out of retirement from a back injury with the help of GLC2000. Her hard work and dedication paid off with a Bronze medal beating athletes as much as 16 years her junior.

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