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Mark Houseknecht

This past spring I purchased a bottle of GLC2000 to address some of the joint aches and nagging joint injuries that I was experiencing from karate and weightlifting. Most of my issues (knees and ankles) are the result of years of playing catcher behind the plate (about 24 years worth). Discomfort was associated with all training involving my knees and, to a lesser degree, my ankles. It was getting discouraging.

But I read about GLC2000 in "Black Belt" magazine. So I figured I’d give it a try. I’ve tried other joint remediation formulas with almost no results. So, call me Mr. Skeptical, but I was desperate…

Well, my recovery has been phenomenal. I had no idea how far I have come until I ran out of GLC2000. (Hazards of a busy lifestyle…I often run out of supplements!) After a couple days off of the product, I began to notice those old aches creeping back into my joints. Not nearly as bad as before, but slowly flairing back up.

So, today…I’m ordering more. And I want to say "Thanks" for your product. It’s great to be able to get back into karate and weight training again!

God bless,
Mark Houseknecht

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