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Liam Holborn

My physical job and training twice a day always left my joints feeling a bit stiff. It wasn’t that it was stopping me doing anything, there were just always dull aches that I couldn’t seem to shift. Since I started using GLC2000 6 months ago I haven’t any soreness in my joints.
My schedule is quite hectic. I train twice a day, once around 5am then again after work, which is a full time physical job. My job involves prolonged periods of sitting in cold plant machinery, followed by a ton of repetitive motions like climbing up and down ladders. It’s hard on my entire body but especially on my elbows and knees.

“GLC2000 is another level, you can really notice the difference compared to other joint supplements”

Thankfully I’ve never had any serious joint injuries. Coming from a martial arts background I always understood that I needed to take care of my joints, so along with a good varied diet I used glucosamine sulfate.
It was frustrating that my work and training caused constant aches and niggles, even though I was using glucosamine sulfate.
After winning SFFC individual competition last year I got a tub of GLC2000 as part of the prize package. I’d heard a lot about it, understood it was different but had never taken the plunge.

“To me it seems like an absolute game changer.”

GLC2000 is another level, you can really notice the difference compared to other joint supplements I used to take. If I had to only choose one supplement to take for the rest of my life, it would be GLC2000. Since I won a tub, I’ve bought it consistently and have also given it to both my parents who suffer with osteoarthritis. To me it seems like an absolute game changer.
Liam Holborn
Crossfit Athlete

Revive Your 9-5 Body

Life is busy. When you’re juggling work, family, training and hobbies it is quite easy for the time consuming aspects of recovery to be overlooked.
If you struggle to fit in long daily mobility sessions, weekly physio visits and have no interest in active recovery days, there’s still a number of ways to improve your joint health.

Fixing my shoulder and elbow issues

“I’ve had long standing elbow and shoulder injuries for years, these have affected my work and training. These niggles were brought on by my job, which involves a lot of repetitive gripping and hammering. I used to see a chiropractor once a week just to keep it in check, totalling £160 a month.”

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