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Landing June 2018

GLC2000 has been scientifically developed to support the function of joint and connective tissue. Click below to find out how it can help you.


“Like most people I don’t have the luxury to train full time. I get to the gym daily but don’t always have the time for as much recovery and mobility work as I’d like. GLC2000 is so important to me, it gives my joints and connective tissue everything they need to repair the daily wear and tear I cause them; It makes such a big difference to my training.”
Spencer Whiteley – Masters Crossfit Competitor
“Over the past 10 years I’ve have struggled with various knee injuries; snapping my ACL, as well as tearing both my MCL and PCL. I’ve been using GLC2000 for almost a year and can say that my knees and ankles have not felt this good since I started running. This supplement is the reason I’ve not had to retire from endurance racing.”
David Meer – Iron Man Triathlete and Ultra Endurance Racer
“I suffer from tennis elbow which greatly affects my Olympic Lifting. GLC2000 allows me to keep lifting day after day with minimal pain and swelling. Couldn’t live without it and my body really suffers if I don’t take it for a couple days!”
Rebekah Thompson – Commonwealth Games Weightlifter
“As a parachute jump instructor we jump up to 6x a day. Injuries are part of the job, but I still absolutely hate missing out on jumps because of I’ve hurt my knee or ankle. Since I have started using GLC2000 on a daily basis, I am able to recover from these minor faster than ever before. So I can get back to doing what I love more quickly.”
Sgt Lees – RAF Parachute Jump instructor
“My clients usually notice a huge reduction in joint soreness within a few weeks of using GLC2000, it also seems to help soft tissue repair post workout.”
David Long – Owner Head Coach Crossfit Cirencester


Safe for Athletes, Effective for all

Joint tissue such as cartilage, tendons and ligaments work as hard as muscles, but nutrition to promote the recovery of these is often overlooked; potentially one of the main reasons injuries to joint and connective tissue are more common than muscle injuries.
Tissue health is the foundation of flexibility, strength and endurance. These are necessary for physical performance from simple things like climbing stairs, to the most complex physical feats performed by world class gymnasts or weightlifters.

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