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Knee Health: Mobilising the feet

Foot Mobility For Knee Health

Why Bother With Feet?

Feet do a lot of work, and rarely get any TLC or maintenance. So it’s really common for tissues under the feet, to get stiff, tight and glued together. This can cause problems up the leg and entire body.

To mobilise effectively and restore active pain free movement, you need to look at the tissues above and below the injured area. Movement starts at the ground, so your feet have an impact on how every other joint in your body moves.

Feet are a neglected area of mobility, so some basic stretching and mobility work to wake up these tissues can lead to some big improvements in a short space of time.

We’ve seen people struggling with ‘tight hamstrings’ gain 8cm of flexibility by spending 2 minutes mobilising their feet with these exercises. Everything in your body is connected, so starting on the tightest tissues will have a big impact throughout your body. Let’s get started:

Feet Exercise 1

Unglue Your Soles

A great introduction to restoring suppleness is to roll your foot over a lacrosse ball. The area to work the ball with is the entire sole, so between the ball of the foot and the heel.

It is easy with this exercise to just roll your foot up and down with no pressure or intention.

But remember these tissues are accustomed to carrying your entire body weight for long periods, so it is going to take a lot more than a half hearted roll around to start making a difference.

  • Instead apply as much pressure as you can handle, when you find stiff or tight areas move your toes through their full range of motion, and add some pressure either across or down the tissue to break up and unglue stiff areas.
  • Take your time and move across the sole of your foot with purpose, try and spend a few minutes on each foot per day to restore the natural movement to your plantar fascia.

This is a great exercise because you need minimal space or equipment, you can even do it whilst sitting at your desk or watching tv.

Feet Exercise 2

Toes & Soles Of Feet Stretch

This is a great exercises to increase the flexibility in your toes, feet, and ankles. Excess tightness in this area, can have negative upstream consequences in the form of knee or hip pain.

  • To perform this stretch, put your feet together and simply sit on your heels with your toes curled under your feet.
  • Think about tucking the toes under and stretching out the soles of the feet and the flexors that link to the toes.
  • Start by leaning forward on all fours with the toes curled under, knees, heels and big toes together.
  • Begin to increase the intensity of the stretch by sitting back onto the heels and taking the weight off your hands.
  • Really try to tuck your toes under to emphasise stretching out the soles of the feet and the flexors that link to the toes.
  • Once you can sit with your bum on your heels consider removing the block, and kneeling on the floor to increase the stretch.
  • Focus on knees, heels and big toes remaining together throughout the entire stretch. Build up to 2 minutes in this stretch.
  • Build this up slowly, it should be uncomfortable but not massively painful. Break this up into smaller sets and gradually increase the duration.

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