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Katy Smith

Katy Barbell

Helping my joints survive masters weightlifting

High Volume Squats Were Making My Knees Sore

I was looking for a supplement to help my joints survive the vast volume of squats I am programmed on a weekly basis! I started taking GLC2000 on the recommendation of my weightlifting coach – who uses the product himself.

Now I’ve been taking GLC2000 for over 3 year because it helps with my recovery between sessions, which is something that gets harder as you get older.

Helping me Stay competitive

I’m a competitive weightlifter and using GLC2000 allows me to stick to my high volume training program and train around those inevitable niggles you pick up during competitive sport.

In the last couple of years I’ve become English, British and European Weightlifting champion in my weight category and I know GLC2000 has been a big part of that.

If you’re serious about your sport consider GLC2000.

Why I use GLC2000:

  • Informed Sport Certified
  • Helps me be ready for my next training session
  • Keeps inevitable niggles at bay
  • Seems to help everyone who I know that uses it

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Video Transcript

Hi there, my name’s Katy Smith. I’m a Crossfitter and Olympic Weightlifting athlete.

I’m the current womens 35-39 55 kilo English, British and European Champion.

I’ve been taking GLC2000 for approximately 3 years. It’s an essential part of my daily routine, as it helps maintain my joint health and mobility allowing me to sustain a high volume training programme.

It also aids my recovery, not only between sessions something that definitely gets harder as you get older, but also from those inevitable niggles that you pick up during competitive sport.

I don’t take many supplements and need to be really careful about what I put in my body, but i can be confident in GLC2000 as it is evidence based and also has informed sports status, meaning it is both safe and effective.

I would recommend GLC2000 to anyone who is serious about their sport, but also to anyone in their thirties or older who wants to optimise their joint health.

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