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Katie Calvert

GLC2000 gives me the confidence to train heavy again

At the age of 16 I was training hard to become an Olympic cyclist on the british cycling Olympic Development Programme. The year before I gained my place on the programme I ruptured my PCL (knee ligament) during a training exercise at the velodrome, this meant being in a brace for 4 months as well as extensive therapy to get my quads strong enough to return to competitive cycling. I fought hard and was offered a spot on the programme 6 months after rupture.
Katie DLAfter continuous issues with my knee I had to leave my cycling dream behind. I lost a lot of motivation, confidence, and passion until I found Crossfit. I have been training for 6 months now extremely hard with the ambitions to compete next year with my first competition since in December.
Since rupturing my PCL I have struggled with knee pain, dull aching and the constant worry that heavy weightlifting and extensive running will eventually destroy cartilage and cause more pain to my already damaged knee.
My first experience with GLC2000 was when I was offered a packet from a friend to try and improve the daily ache and pains coming from my knee, as well as helping to care for the existing injury.

After trying GLC2000 I was shocked by the way in which this product helped easy daily pain for me, it has helped me to feel confident when walking into a heavy weights session, and building my confidence when dropping into Olympic lifts.
Katie DL2I couldn’t be more impressed with my experience with GLC2000
Katie Calvert

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