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Jules Sterling

I avoided a serious shoulder operation with GLC2000

After a year of shoulder pain I am finally back to full training with no discomfort and more importantly NO OPERATION …. Unbelievable!
I have been dealing with a severely inflamed AC joint for the past year. Scans showed that there was bone-on-bone contact on overhead movements. It was recommended that I have surgery to shave away some of the excess…. (or give up weight training – ha!) I’d heard a few horror stories and only one success story. So for many reasons, this wasn’t something that I was very keen on. Let my search for alternatives begin…
I had 2 steroid injections, acupuncture and regular physio. Nothing helped – it was so frustrating! It got to the point where the injured area was even too painful for the physio to touch.
I was still training hard, but everything overhead was either scaled or non-existent. I couldn’t press a 15kg bar, and even doing demos with a PVC pipe to new members was painful.
I spoke to Joel at GLC2000 at Divided We Fall and it seemed to make sense. I bought my tub, and couldn’t wait to get started.
For me there was no immediate relief. But I was prepared to go through a full cycle, maybe even two before I considered the surgery. It was around three weeks into the cycle that I started sleeping through the night
My range of motion is now almost back to what it should be. I’m getting used to being able to lift overhead again. I’m still weaker on that shoulder, but I’m a lot braver with all my lifts now and pushing on my old numbers…. so now to get stronger!!!
In fact, I’m carrying on with my life as if I never had a shoulder injury
I look back now and think of all the day to day activities that caused my shoulder to play up – swimming on holiday, messing around with the kids, using a mouse, riding a bike, driving and even waking up in the night if I slept in an awkward position.
To be fair, GLC2000 wasn’t the only thing I changed about my supplement stack. I now include BCAAs before and after workout at around the same time.
I believe GLC2000 has had a big part to play in my rehabilitation and I will definitely continue to take it daily!

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