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John Lugg

‘My shoulders’ ROM is so much better’

LuggBikeFitness has always been part of my life. I played Rugby to a high level (Llanelli RFC aka The Scarlets), county athletics (13x British champ), swimming, cycling. Last year I became European Crossfit Masters champion.
Over the last year my shoulder had got increasingly more sore. Some days the range of motion was so poor that trying to get it overhead was unbearable. This was affecting my work, training and hobbies.
I spoke to my friend Gareth Doody (Coach, Reebok Crossfit Reading) and he mentioned GLC2000 had helped a number of his members through various problems and he was using it himself.

Not being great with technology, I asked my wife to order me some GLC2000 online! I couldn’t wait to get started.

To put it in perspective for people since using GLC2000 i have NOT:
Decreased my training volume, removed any exercises, done any extra mobility work, seen a physical therapist, changed my nutrition or started using any other supplement.

I am however seeing some brilliant results, and started feeling an improvement within a couple of weeks. I can’t remember the last time I woke up with a sore shoulder. My bench and shoulder press numbers are now starting to increase, and I’m not sore the next day! I couldn’t ask for more.

To any fence sitters out there, I say give GLC2000 a go.


John Lugg is a personal trainer based in South Wales.

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