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Jane Holgate

“My joint pain was gone within hours of my first dose”

Diary of a Crossfit Master – Part 1

To be honest the tub of GLC2000 could not have arrived at a better time. I have been struggling with a shoulder injury for several months, and although this was showing a marked improvement and I was feeling a lot happier about training on it, I was still conscious of some dull aches when I did certain exercise such as press ups, pull ups etc..
On Tuesday last week I hit the 3D wod which was 10 rounds of 3 handstand press ups, 9 burpees and 12 squats, which went well but the next day I knew there was something wrong when I fell out of bed! I felt as if I had been battered all over with sledgehammer, particularly my right arm and shoulder (the opposite to the already injured one). I couldn’t move my arm above shoulder height without lots of discomfort, and when I crawled my way from bedroom to bathroom I realised my glutes and hamstrings were not feeling much better.
After feeling great for a few weeks I was forced to miss Wednesday’s training due to the fact that it required me to be able to stand up and move freely just to start it, which was a struggle for me at that time.
The pain stayed with me on Thursday, I was still unable to move my arm and I was pretty depressed when I woke up on Friday morning and optimistically moved my arm in the hope that the DOMs had seen its course, sadly it had not.
When the postman stood at my door on Friday morning with my GLC2000 I practically snapped it out of his hands, read the instructions and took two tablets immediately (I grabbed an apple as well as it says to take with food) – unbelievably an hour later I had full movement in my arms and legs.. was this an “it’s a miracle moment” or had the DOMs run its course? Who knows but surely it had to be more than a coincidence that the aches and discomfort disappeared completely so quickly?
This week’s training has been curtailed by a head cold, however my long term shoulder problem seems to have disappeared, as I am able to throw my arms around over my head with no problems at all, this may be tested when I get back to training tonight … 75 power snatch awaits – Randy if anyone is interested (the name of the wod – not my condition), but so far so good!
For background.. I am 53 years old and been CrossFitting for nearly 6 years (in January). I train at Reebok CrossFit 3D in Manchester.

“My shoulder is feeling good”

Diary of A CrossFit Master – Part 2

Well the good news is that on Friday I managed to complete Randy (75 x 25kg power snatch) in six minutes and thirty seconds, which was a respectable time for me and although I could feel the usual ache in my shoulders and delts over the weekend, my “issue” shoulder had held up well and felt fine for training again on Monday. (My head – not so much after swigging a few too many red wines at the after-party following the USA v Europe showdown!)
After my first GLC2000 review went on-line last week a few people have asked me if I really thought it could work that quickly and to be honest I don’t know.. but I don’t have any discomfort in my shoulder and that is significant for me, and enough for me to keep taking the tablets for a few more weeks to see if they have any effect on the arthritic symptoms I have recently developed in my fingers.
In the meantime, the improvement in my shoulder has been so good that I have been practicing pull ups this week – a real weakness of mine, and with my shoulder feeling good at the moment I want to crack these as soon as possible.
Tonights wod at 3D is “Ellie” – a combo of heavy overhead squats, pull ups and double unders – if that doesn’t test it, nothing will!

“How’s GLC2000 helping my shoulder impingement!?”

Diary of a Crossfit Master – Part 3

Last Friday nights wod of Ellie – which involves a lot of overhead squats, pull ups and double unders, was a true test of how well my shoulder is doing. I am delighted to report it was absolutely fine, in fact from that on Friday and then “Annie “ (double unders and sit ups) on Saturday, I participated in “Manchester’s Strongest Woman” competition on Sunday!
This was being held as part of the SportEx exhibition and had a grand total of seven women competing.. I came seventh! However, I managed a pb deadlift of 140kg and held my own in the other events, which included a 75kg each arm farmers walk, and a wheelbarrow loading event!
I felt ridiculously OK on Monday, I had a little “pb deadlift” twinge in my back, but it didn’t last and I managed to partipate in fast and furious metcons at CrossFit 3D on Monday and Tuesday, and some “cleaning” on Wednesday. I don’t think I have trained this hard, feeling so good in a long time.
The difference is that I am injury free, and it makes such a difference to your performance when you feel like that. I really do believe that GLC2000 is a major contributor to how I am feeling and I am encouraging all my friends to try it!
‘I can’t remember the last time I trained so hard, whilst feeling so good’

GLC2000 – Buy It Now

‘My Arthritis symptoms are almost gone’

Diary of a Crossfit master – Part 4

Although not quite as energetic as last week, it’s been another good week of training for me.
When I have managed to get to Open Gym at 3D I have been trying to work on improving my pull ups. Experts keep saying that you have to really be able to do a dead hang before you should do kipping pull ups, and I really struggle with both. It’s taken me ages to master them because every time I try for a few sessions I end up with the irritation in my shoulder and have to stop for a few months. However, as my shoulder remains ache free (touch wood) I have been able to spend more time on them.
I managed to attack a wod the other day that involved 10 rounds of 10 x 40kg hang power cleans and 10 14lb wall ball. I was really pleased to do is RX. I used to struggle with hang cleans, but I am finding them a lot easier these days – just shows how things can improve with practice.
Talking of improving, another difference I am finding since I have now been taking GLC2000 for 4 weeks, is that the discomfort I was feeling in my fingers (little ones) when I wake, which I have diagnosed as arthritis, has really eased. I’ve only really felt this improvement this week, and I was told it would take a few weeks for this type of effect to take place.
One of my friends thought the pain could be caused by the fact that I spend so much of my time typing, and funnily enough it was a morning after I’d had a day off from the laptop that I first noticed the improvement. But I have been typing away until all hours since and I am still waking up with a lot less discomfort in the mornings! I won’t say eureka just yet .. I will see how they are next week first!

Diary of a Crossfit master – Part 5

Well last week was good! GLC2000 helping my injuries and niggles means that I have been able to concentrate on my training.
I managed a new pb for CrossFit Total – none of the individual lifts were pbs but I increased my total by 2.5kg! It’s always great to get a pb but I haven’t had that many in the last couple of years – I was beginning to put it down to my age. When I got a pb power clean on Saturday (my first clean pb in 3-4 years!) I realised it was more about state of mind.
I have been injury free (fingers firmly crossed) since starting my GLC2000 about a month now and it has made a huge difference to my performance and belief. If you are working without any discomfort your body is happy to try. There were no doubts in my head that I could do it – and that makes such a difference.
I can’t put it all down to my mental and physical condition, my coach Karl Steadman, and the coaching team at Crossfit 3D, have had me back to basics for clean technique for a while now and the penny finally dropped for me last week. Dropping the weights right back and drilling technique over and over again paid off in the end!
So, I am still enjoying the effects of taking GLC2000. Last week I started to notice a difference in the swelling and aches in my “arthritic” fingers, and they have felt better and better. The difference is amazing; from waking up every morning with pins and needles in both hands – particularly my little fingers – to just a slight (and increasingly slighter) dull ache in my joints.
So the next challenge is the GLC2000 sponsored London Throwdown qualifiers, only 20 female masters get through and as I am up against a large number of talented women in their early 40’s I am not holding out much hope of qualifying, but will be interesting to see how I rate. The first wod is good for me – lots of back squats… but I am now working hard to try and master kipping pull ups as I am sure they will feature in the next few weeks.. at least now my shoulder isn’t hurting I can give it my best shot!

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