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Jamie Verden

Competitive Crossfit After An ACL Rupture

As a competitive athlete I have put my body through a whole whirl wind of stressful situations, not only physically but mentally. For sure competing at a high level takes its toll and after years and years of competitive football, rugby and CrossFit something had to give! I suffered with a ruptured ACL which put me out of action for a good while along with patella tendonitis; this was not the recipe for success.
Verden STCWith the volume of training that competitive athletes do, training multiple times a day, I decided to try out GLC2000. I tried my first tub out and had significant improvement, I decided to finish the tub and see if it really did work and wasn’t just a ‘placebo’ effect. After a week without the supplement, my joints were feeling inflamed and my knee was very sore, especially after squatting and jumping.

“GLC2000 keeps my patella tendonitis at bay”

Ever since taking the GLC2000 I have sworn by it. With the sheer volume of training, the product prevents pain on a daily basis as well as mentally ensuring that I am doing everything I can to perform as best as I can. I would 100% without a shadow of a doubt recommend this product to anyone suffering with painful joints is an athlete or is generally looking to fuel a healthy body.

“I recommend GLC2000 to any one suffering with joint issues especially Crossfit athletes”

With the CrossFit Games open coming up I am supplementing with GLC2000, Omega 3 fish oils, Vitamin D, ZMA and a multi vitamin. Research proven products work, and give you that physical edge both physically and psychologically.

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