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Jackie Hammond

‘GLC2000 has improved my quality of life dramtically’

Jackie HammondI started using GLC2000 about 3 months ago, it has improved my quality of life so much.
My son bought GLC2000 for me, as he said it would help me with the osteoarthritis in my hands. He uses it for his weightlifting now, but originally started using it when he did martial arts. He swears by it and now so do I!!!

The pain in my hands had slowly been getting worse and worse over the past few years. I thought it was just what happened as you got older. I know my parents suffered and I think theirs did as well.

My son told me to get them checked out about 6 months ago, the doctor confirmed that I had severe osteoarthritis in both thumb joints and less severe osteoarthritis in my fingers. I recommended that I supplement with glucosamine. Sadly, I saw very little benefit from this. I wrote off this type of supplement as a waste of money.

The next course of action according the the GP was to have both thumb joints reconstructed. It was inevitable within the next 2 years. My heart sunk…

A tub of GLC2000 arrived in the post one morning, it sat on the side for a week. I was annoyed my son had wasted his money. I saw him that weekend and he explained to me the difference between this and the cheaper supplements that I had used.
My hands were continuing to get worse. So I skeptically agreed to give GLC2000 a try. I’m so glad I did…

Within about two weeks of consistently taking the capsules the swelling in my hands had reduced. I could actually see the outline of the joint and ‘healthy’ looking fingers. But more importantly my hands did ache constantly!! This couldn’t be a coincidence
My knee which a fractured in my early twenties whilst skiing had stopped ‘creaking’ and grinding. The first time in probably ten years. BONUS
I had a regular my check up with my GP about 2 months into using GLC2000. He couldn’t believe the improvement in my hands. He’d never seen anything like it.

What prompted me to write this however, was when I forgot to take my GLC2000 over the hectic Christmas period. It must have been a week or so without the tablets. I started waking up in the night with pain in my hands, the swelling started to return as did the familiar creaking of my knee as I walked upstairs.
Thankfully this stopped within 3 days of consistently taking the capsules again.

GLC2000 improves the quality of my life so much, I couldn’t live without it

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