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Hayley Knowles

“I can’t remember the last time my knees felt this good.”

I’ve been using GLC2000 for roughly 5 months, I can honestly say I can’t remember the last time my knees felt this good.

When I first started Crossfit I was pretty strong so I was quickly able to add weight to a barbell and lift. My form was good so I didn’t see any reason why I shouldn’t keep increasing the weight.

My muscles were fine but my connective tissues started to ache post workout. I thought this was just par for the course. I now realise that I should have paid more attention to my joints from this stage and that joint pain was my body trying to tell me to slow down.

It got to the point where I could barely move after a heavy squat day or a workout that involved running. This slowed my progress, and after trying to push through this I had to go and see a specialist.

I was diagnosed with Patellar Tendonitis, and with rest and relatively light weights after months it just wasn’t improving.
I was itching to get back competing so I opted for the option of surgery that was given to me.

The surgery seemed straightforward; They cut the patella tendon in order to stimulate blood flow and improve healing.

In hindsight I wish I hadn’t had it, as I don’t feel it’s made a massive improvement in how my knee feels, and the downside is there is inflammation and scar tissue post surgery.

During a recent trip to Ireland we visited Guerilla Fitness Crossfit Clonakilty. I spoke to Head Coach Brendan Walsh about my ongoing knee issues. He explained how GLC2000 had helped him with his knees and he recommends it to all the athletes in his gym as well as the athletes he does remote programming for. So I bought my first tub of GLC2000 then and there.

“In the 5 months I’ve been using GLC2000 I’ve noticed a massive improvement. I really wish I’d given GLC2000 a chance before I underwent surgery.”

I used to dread the day after squats or running. Now I know that as long as I remember to do my mobility work and take my GLC2000 I’ll be ready to train or compete.

Damien: “My knees almost caused me to stop training.”
Freya: “I used to find staying injury free impossible.”
Dom: “I’ve hardly had an ache in weeks. Such a difference!”

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