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GLC2000 Joint Formula

GLC2000: 2800mg of pure Glucosamine mixed with a patented absorption formula. No other product comes close to help you maximise joint health.
> Nourishes cartilage
> Reduces inflammation and swelling
> Promotes your body’s natural repair function.
GLC2000 gives you natural building blocks to fight osteoarthritis, deal with dull aches and repair injuries – FAST
> GLC2000 has helped people with joint pain and injuries for over a decade!
> GLC2000 formula is scientifically backed and regulated by the FDA.
> Over 150,000 tubs sold worldwide
> Full money back guarantee
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Melissa Henderson

Surgery seemed like the only option I had left to get some pain relief, but it wasn’t a road I was ready to travel down.
When I heard about GLC2000 in October this year, I decided I had to give it a try.
To say I am happy with the results is an understatement. I’m excited about training again and where it will take me.

Tiny Meeker

I’ve been using GLC2000 for years. Over 5 years ago I gave GLC the ultimate test when I was involved in a car accident. I was hit from behind and suffered a torn forearm. I was told by the doctor that I need surgery. The doctor gave me a cortisone shot, but I know it only kills the pain and does not heal the injury. A few weeks later the pain was back. I called Shawn from GLC and told him about the injury and asked if GLC would help. He assured me it would. A few weeks later, not only did the pain go away, but I lifted my biggest bench ever. Since then I have lifted over 1000 lbs and no longer have any issues with my forearm. I highly recommend GLC for anyone who has joint or muscle pain.

Jane Holgate

To be honest the tub of GLC2000 could not have arrived at a better time. I had been struggling with a shoulder injury for several months, it was slowly improving but once I started taking GLC2000 my recovery has sped up massively.
My muscles and joints are now pain free.

Lynne Nelson

Wife, Mother of Two, APA World Record Holder and IFP Gold Medalist
Since I have been taking GLC2000 my knee and shoulder soreness has completely disappeared. It has given my knees a sense of “solidness” especially during my heavier squat workouts. It used to take almost an entire routine to work through the soreness in my bench routine; Not anymore! In fact, without the pain I have lessened my warm-up time. GLC2000 lets me concentrate on what’s most important, taking my workouts and contest preparation one step higher.

Duane Ludwig

Nine years of intense training in Thai Boxing and MMA have placed a lot of wear and tear on my body. Injuries in my right knee and wrist have given me problems for a long time. Bas Rutten introduced me to GLC2000. Within a month I noticed that the pain in my knees, elbows and wrist were gone! This stuff really works! Without the pain, I am training at “full power”, and now I am on top of the world. Thank you GLC2000

Penny Tree

As a grandmother, Penny’s joints are of course not what they used to be. Around 10 years ago she began to suffer with painful knees and now she takes GLC2000 to combat this pain.
For the last 10 years Penny and her husband have sworn by this supplement, her grandchildren even joke about the fact she brings it on holiday!
She has managed to raise money for charity by completing the London Marathon at 68 years of age.


I am 83 years old, and have been taking my GLC2000 for several years. A friend told me about Glc2000 and gave me your phone number. I called and ordered my GLC 2000. The pain in my left hip had become so intense I could not walk without suffering! My tennis game that I still love was a thing of the past. After taking my GLC2000, twice a day for about a month, the pain went away! It was a miracle and I started playing tennis again! I do not play like I did in 1975 & 1976 when I won 7 trophies, but I can play with the average player, as long as I take my GLC2000!

Samantha Briggs

Earlier this year I fractured my right patella. After been given the all clear to start training again I have tried various supplements in an attempt to get back to full training.
I started a trial of GLC2000 at the beginning of September and straight away I felt the benefit in my training. The swelling and pain I use to feel after squatting or running has been dramatically reduced allowing me to increase my volume and intensity. I am now back running sub 20min 5kms and squatting over 100kg on a regular basis. Things are looking up for me now and I’m getting excited to see how far I can push my training! Thanks GLC2000!

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Believe in Yourself, Achieve with GLC2000

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