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GLC2000 for Crossfit and Weightlifting

GLC2000 – A 101 for Crossfit Athletes & Weightlifters

There has been a lot of buzz about GLC2000 since TRAIN Manchester head coach, Crossfit Games athlete and top 20 British Weightlifter Sam Briggs started using it to speed her recovery from a fractured patella. She’s now stronger than ever.
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GLC2000 has also sorted a shoulder problem that had plagued Crossfit Master Jane Holgate (Reebok Crossfit 3D) for years in just a few short weeks, as well as easing her arthritis symptoms.
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You know that in order to get stronger, fitter, healthier you need to push your body. After a hard training session you refuel your muscles with protein and carbohydrates so you can start that all important recovery process.
By now this is almost second nature. You’ve probably being doing it for years. Your numbers are hopefully still going up and subsequently your performance is improving and your body composition is looking good.
How much time do you spend thinking about the support structures around your muscles? The cartilage within joints, tendons and ligaments. Probably not as much as you should, if any at all.
But a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link. That’s where GLC2000 could help you. It can help you look after all that unglamorous infrastructure that we just expect to work.
GLC2000 contains all four bio-available types of glucosamine as well as high levels of chondroitin sulfate. A lot of time has been spent by the scientists at GLC2000 researching the ideal levels of glucosamine and chondroitin to stimulate the body’s natural repair function. No other product can boast this or an eight-year independent clinical trial.

There are a number of positive effects that hard training athletes can see from consistent GLC2000 use. Studies have shown that glucosamine helps stimulate repair responses across many different cells in the body, all of which can take a significant beating during strength training regimes.
GLC2000 provides the building blocks for complex tissue repair and cell regeneration. Glucosamine is best known as an ingredient in joint products but it is also a key cell structure in bone, cartilage, bursa, ligaments and tendons. If you are serious about improving your athletic performance or recovering from injury you need to be serious about proper glucosamine supplementation.
Having all four types of glucosamine provided by GLC2000 means that all the body’s glucosamine receptors can be stimulated at once, so you can absorb a higher dose and get better results in a shorter period of time. Different types of glucosamine also have different absorption rates. GLC2000s patented formula means a stronger available dose that lasts longer than any other.
Chondroitin is a very expensive substance, because it is tricky to get hold of. GLC2000 contains a higher dose of chondroitin than any other joint formula on the market.
Chondroitin sulfate has the ability to reduce tissue breakdown. It also has the ability to bind water to hydrate tissue, providing building blocks for tissue repair in collagen and other connective tissues. This means improved recovery and better sliding surfaces.
GLC2000 outperforms other products by providing higher milligrams of the active ingredients glucosamine and chondroitin, meaning better results at a significantly lower price.

If you are serious about your training and recovery GLC2000 could be the answer

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