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GLC2000 Discount Code

I can’t seem to find a GLC2000 discount code anywhere, what’s the deal?

In order to get this far you’ve probably heard that GLC2000 is a fantastic product, if we were in your shoes we’d probably be looking for a coupon code as well. It’s always worth a try.
You’ll be hard pressed to find an ambassador code or voucher. This isn’t because we’re mean, and it’s definitely not because we fault your industriousness. Actually it’s because we want to provide great value to all our customers all the time.
Great value at £48 a tub I hear you cry! Yes that’s right, GLC2000 is the strongest useable joint formula on the market and provides 240 caps per tub. Lasting most people at least 60 days vs the industry standard of just 30 days.

Why don’t you just make it half the price and last half as long?

Not an uncommon question; the reason for this is because we are driven by our customer’s getting results.
Joint tissue is metabolically a lot slower to heal than other body parts. We find that by the end of 60 days of consistent use our customer’s are noticing a significant difference. We’d prefer that people commit to that full 2 months and see results.
So, for your money you are getting a joint formula that is as good as everyone says, that lasts long enough to notice a difference.

What about discounts for loyal customers?

Well funny you should ask. We actually offer a discount on orders of 3 tubs or more. So consistent GLC2000 users can save money, as can people who club together and order as a group.
There’s also no worry about GLC2000 reaching it’s best before date, usually you’ll find over 2 years before your GLC2000 reaches it’s expiration. Enough time to grab a deal and stock up for a rainy day.

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