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GLC2000 for joint pain and injury recovery

GLC2000 for joint pain and injury recovery

GLC2000 is the only 100% pure, full spectrum joint formula. It has been scientifically engineered to help stimulate your bodies natural repair cycles. No other product has the exclusive GLC blend of all four bioavailable glucosamine forms and chondroitin, clinically proven to increase delivery to the bloodstream and sustains release.
Glucosamine is highly anabolic in the correct dose. GLC2000 provides a tailored dose for you.
GLC2000 outperforms other joint formulas by providing higher milligrams of the active ingredients glucosamine and chondroitin, at a significantly lower price.
Numerous studies have shown that glucosamine helps stimulate repair responses in many different cells in the body. This action of building up complex tissues and heightening cell regeneration is the definition of anabolic response. Glucosamine is the best known ingredient in joint products, it benefits a number key cell structures throughout the body including: Bone, Cartilage, Bursa, Ligaments and Tendons.
Glucosamine is essential for anyone serious about improving their mobility, recovering from injury and building muscle.
Your joints deserve the best
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Here’s the Science Bit

GLC2000’s patented formula kick starts your bodies natural repair functions at a cellular level in the following:
Chondrocytes are powerful manufacturing cells that are responsible for maintaining healthy cartilage.
They remove damaged cells and replace them with new healthy ones.
Synovicytes work to produce Hyaluronic Acid (HA) a lubricating fluid that will help nourish cartilage tissues
Ligamentsare vital connective tissues. Fibroblasts synthesise the collagen strands and structural framework from muscle to muscle and muscle to bone. Meaning stronger ligaments.
Tenocytes are Resilient collagen producers that help maintain the integrity, strength and stability of bone to bone connections aka Tendons
Bone (Osteoblasts)
Dynamic bone forming cells that are responsible for developing and remodelling skeletal tissues.
Muscle Growth or hypertrophy can be improved through links between satellite cells and golgi complex. These sense increased workloads and accommodate by increasing volume of fast & slow twitch muscle fibres.

GLC2000’s secret weapon, high dose Chondroitin

Chondroitin Sulfates are well known for their unique ability to reduce tissue breakdown, but the benefits don’t end there. Chondroitin also helps by providing the building blocks for tissue repair, helps bind water to hydrate tissue and has key components that are used in the development of collagen and other connective tissues. Chondroitin is a must for improved recovery.
GLC2000 provides the highest dose of any joint formula, and a tailored dose for your body

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Believe in Yourself, Achieve with GLC2000

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