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Freya Lees

‘There’s nothing that treats aching joints as well’

I started taking GLC2000 about 18 months ago after being recommended to by my CrossFit coach.
I have always found staying injury free a challenge frequently experienced aches and pains due to my physically demanding job in the Royal Air Force in addition to my intense CrossFit training programme. I have now realised I need to look after my body to make sure I maintain both of these without sustaining an injury.

Since taking GLC2000 regularly, I have found that I recover quicker and now, I wouldn’t go without it! It has aided me through injury and enabled me to return to training quicker than anticipated.

GLC2000 has quickly become a firm family favourite; I even recommended it to my father who has suffered with rheumatoid arthritis for over 20 years.

His doctor and physio cannot believe the change it’s made to his day to day living. His joint discomfort has reduced and he is more mobile than he has ever been since his diagnosis. Seeing the difference it made to him encouraged my uncle to use the product and he is now reaping the benefits.

I always recommend GLC2000 to other CrossFitters complaining of achy joints, there’s nothing else that does the job as well!

Damien: “My knees almost caused me to stop training.”
Hayley: “I used to dread squats or running, not anymore!”
Tez: “Tendinitis in my knee left me unable to train”

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