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Customer Shoulder Results

Get Results For That Sore Shoulder

We know how much shoulder injuries can impact every aspect of your life, and they just don’t seem to get better no matter what your try.

We’ve had customers who’ve struggled with all different types of shoulder problems and we’ve helped them get results. Here are a few:

Shoulder Arthritis Is Feeling Good

Reviewer: Mark Dillion

“I was struggling with several sporting injuries, active arthritis in my shoulder from kayaking, a sore elbow and thumbs from mountain biking. At first I took the one a day dose and saw no improvement but after about 6 weeks I realised my elbow had improved marginally ( this was a 12 month old injury so coincidence was unlikely). I doubled the dose and after a couple of months found my arthritic shoulder vastly improved the thumbs much better and the elbow cured. I carried on for about 8 months at the 2 a day dose before cutting back to 1 a day. My shoulder may never be right but I would say it’s 95% better and the other injuries have gone.”

Fixing my old shoulder injury

Reviewer: Rich Hibbert

“I was a bit sceptical to begin with, but thought I would give it a try as several people at our box use GLC200. I wish Id started using at when I first heard about it! I have had a shoulder problem for around 18 months, and though Im not 100% fixed yet (still working on getting back to full strenghth, mobility is back to where it was pre-injury) I have no doubt that GLC2000 is making a massive difference. I would probaly drop all other supplements if I had to, but would certainly keep using GLC2000, no doubt.”

Helping My ‘Weightlifters Shoulder’

Reviewer: Martin Severa

“Bloody expensive but totally worth it. Takes about 2-3 weeks to kick in but it fixed my AC joints (condition called weightlifters shoulder – anyone lifting for more than ten years will know what I’m talking about) and also my knees feel better.”

Highly Recommend For Shoulder Aches

Reviewer: Katja Harjanne

“I was introduced to GLC2000 by a friend in Crossfit and after reading a few reviews I decided to give it a go as I had been suffering from aches & pains in my right shoulder for few months. I also consulted my physio who encouraged me to use GLC 2000 as a supplement to the issue I was experiencing with my shoulder. The aches & pains were prominent when I was working with anything overhead ie overhead squat or snatch and sometimes even when sleeping on my rightside for longer periods. Within 8 weeks of starting the GLC 2000 the aches & pains were gone and I am now able to concentrate in getting the areas stronger and work on my overhead moves. I would and I have highly recommended GLC 2000 to anyone with joint aches & pains.”

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