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Fix Shoulder Problems

How to put your stubborn shoulder injury behind you.

Why you can stretch and mobilise until you’re blue in the face and still struggle with your shoulder.

Has your shoulder pain made you lose sleep at night?

Are you frustrated that whatever you try you can’t seem to get it back to 100%?

Do you worry this might be how your shoulder feels for years to come?

We Know Shoulder Pain Affects Every Aspect Of Your Daily Life

Shoulder pain is a constant drain on your energy and makes even simple things a chore.

You don’t realise how much you use your shoulder until every time you move, it hurts.

We get it:

  • Working on your laptop
  • Driving the car
  • Walking the dog
  • Making a coffee
  • and especially heading to the gym

These can all fill you with dread! After a while you start putting things off and missing out on things you enjoy .

Everywhere on social media there’s someone telling you that this stretch, mobility exercise or routine is the best thing for shoulders – and whilst their intentions are good, you know deep down that it’s not going to help your shoulder pain. The truth is…

Mobility and stretching alone are not the answer for most people.

The reason you can’t seem to shake your shoulder pain probably isn’t because you’re not stretching enough.

If your shoulder is hurting, the tissues in and around that joint are already damaged. So stretching or foam rolling the injured area is actually going to damage tissue further. Causing more pain in the long run.

So what should I be doing? 6 Tips For Sore Shoulders

Here are some simple, effective, but often overlooked tips to address your underlying tissue damage so you can reverse shoulder injuries once and for all:

1. Stop treating symptoms

Especially with painkillers like ibuprofen. Anti-inflammatory drugs mask the problem, so you can end up hurting your shoulder even more.
They also damage the cell walls of joint and connective tissue so they are actually weakening the cartilage, ligaments and tendons supporting your shoulder.

2. Understand why you hurt

Where it hurts isn’t neccesarily where the problem started. Your sore shoulder might be caused by tightness in a surrounding muscle group.
Tight pecs, lats and even forearms can be the root cause of shoulder problems.
If you’re focussing on where it hurts, you might be missing the big picture. Try and find the problem.

3. Mobilise with purpose

The reason to mobilise is to take the pressure off your injured shoulder, not to pound it into submission.
Stretch and loosen surrounding muscle groups to relieve tightness and create slack in the system. So there’s less tissue damage in the future.
Aim to get your injured shoulder in a good position and promote healing through increasing blood flow so more nutrients can get to your damaged tissues.

4. Hydration is a quick fix

You’re probably aware that even slight dehydration can affect mood, concentration and athletic performance.
With cartilage, tendons and ligaments being up to 85% water – how much water you drink has a huge effect on your joint health.
It affects the elasticity and strength of your joint tissues, their ability to slide and glide, as well as the health of the actual joint capsule.
Drinking more water can actually improve your existing cartilage, tendons and ligaments improving your shoulder health pretty quickly – as long as you’re able to absorb it.
A nutrient called chondroitin sulfate is used by the body to draw water into cartilage and connective tissue.

5. Are you healing effectively?

Joint and connective tissues are unique in the body. They naturally heal far more slowly than muscle and other tissues.
Your joints rely on two key types of nutrient – chondroitin and glucosamine – your body makes both of these really slowly. Slower the older we get ??
These two nutrients are used to build new cartilage, tendons and ligaments. Slow tissue breakdown. Hydrate and nourish existing tissues. Plus they are natural anti-inflammatories (without the negative side effects of ibuprofen).
If weak, damaged tissues are causing your shoulder problems then a glucosamine and chondroitin joint supplement is worth considering to provide building blocks for your body to naturally heal.

6. No rest days

Unless you’ve torn or broken something keeping an injury immobile is a bad idea.
Your first priority should, of course, be to not aggravate or do any further damage to your already injured tissues.
Moving your shoulder will prevent it from tightening up and can increase blood flow and nutrient transfer to injured tissues to promote healing.

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Treat the underlying cause of your shoulder pain

Richard Shoulder
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Should you be missing out because of nagging shoulder pain?

  • Your body is an amazing healing machine. If you’re struggling with an injury that’s not getting better or you’re constantly picking up niggles – then there’s something a miss.
  • It could be that your body isn’t creating chondroitin and glucosamine fast enough. These two nutrients are vital for joint and connective tissue health and if you’re deficient in either of them, your body won’t be able to heal your injured shoulder.
  • The good news is that glucosamine & chondroitin supplements are proven to reach joint and connective tissues. So your body can start to use these nutrients and do what it does naturally – heal!

Why GLC2000 Works

GLC2000 is a patented joint health supplement that provides unrivalled results:



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