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Erin Bonett

GLC2000 has definitely sped up my recovery

I started taking GLC2000 after competing in the London Throwdown 2013 & I have been taking it ever since!
I had heard great things about it but I am big believer in trying something first before recommending it or selling it in my box.
I wasn’t carrying any injuries that I knew of at the time but I had very achy knees walking up & down stairs in the morning and at night.
After a short time of thinking “This stuff is brilliant, I feel great” I got in touch with the guys at GLC2000 & we have been selling it at CrossFit IOM ever since.
Erin BOL CleanSince then I had remained injury free until summer this year when my left hip ‘popped’ catching an 85kg clean. I had a scan to suggest that I had some damage to the hip capsule and ligament and at first I was absolutely sure that I would need an operation however after 3 months of continued GLC2000 and rehabilitation I am almost back to full fitness.

If I wasn’t taking GLC2000 then I am certain that my recovery would have been much longer.

When our luggage was lost on the last training camp to Marbella I was in a position where I couldn’t take GLC2000 for 12 days whilst our luggage was located and returned. The first thing I did when the luggage arrived was check that everything was still in there and took my GLC2000. I could definitely notice the difference from not taking it.

As a box owner, we promote GLC2000 to our members and our members also promote it to other members as they speak very highly of it. I think with a supplement like GLC2000 it sells itself with it’s great results.

Erin Bonett
Gym Owner, Coach, Physio, Crossfit Athlete

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