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Emmy Simpkins

My Recovery from a Knee Injury has 3x faster thanks to GLC2000

I am a 24 year old CrossFit athlete who has had two knee surgeries in two years. In 2013, I missed the Crossfit Games season because I fractured my patella on a 200# squat clean during training. It took me 9 months to recover.
After reading Sam Briggs blog, I began using GLC2000 to help my recovery process. This past July, I was in a local competition and fractured my other patella. This time, they had to put 2 screws in to secure it.

Because of using GLC2000, this recovery was only 3 months and I am back to fully training and preparing for the 2015 Games season.

In 2014, I placed 22nd overall in the Northeast Region for then Open. I opted to go team with CrossFit 908 where we placed 10th overall. This year, we are looking to podium and earn ourselves a spot at the 2015 CrossFit Games.

I strongly believe that with GLC2000 in my corner, nothing can hinder my training.

Emmy Simpkins
Crossfit Games 2014 Team 10th Place
Crossfit 908
Emmy SnatchEmmy Group

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