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Dean Hurley

‘My knee and shoulder problems have improved massively in just one tub of GLC2000.’

I’ve been struggling with knee pain for a number of years. Over the past 6 months it has been progressively getting worse, I even started getting pain doing simple things like walking up the stairs. This had a huge effect on my CrossFit training.

A couple of years ago I had an operation to realign my patella in both knees. I’ve also had poor shoulder mobility as a result of an old rugby injury. As well as general joint aches.

Training squats and deadlifts in pretty much any rep scheme wasn’t possible, I’d get immediate knee pain followed by days of soreness.

I had no confidence in compound movements and the weights I could previously lift were no longer possible. As such I went to fewer and fewer Crossfit sessions.
My joint aches continued to get worse. It felt as though I was on a downward spiral, nothing I did seemed to do anything to get me back on track.

“Then I started taking GLC2000 and within 2 weeks it seemed to be making a huge difference.”

The first sign of progress was my knee pain had gone when walking up stairs after only two weeks and I was able to start back at the gym increasing weights and not having any pain or soreness the following days. I’ve even started overhead squatting again, which before GLC2000 my knee pain and shoulder mobility wouldn’t allow.
Training sessions are back up to 3 or 4 a week and I feel like as I’ve turned a real corner in my training.

My joints felt so much better that I felt confident enough to attempt and complete a 70 mile hilly charity bike ride which didn’t result in any knee pain or soreness! I highly recommend GLC2000.

Hayley: “I used to dread squats or running, not anymore!”
Tez: “Tendinitis in my knee left me unable to train”
Freya: “I used to find staying injury free impossible.”

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