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Darren Stiles

“GLC2000 is helping my shoulder & recovery”

Having read testimonials about GLC2000 it all seemed a bit too good to be true. However a lot of the people that were gushing about this product, were people within my industry that I respected.
I am a Weightlifting coach and personal trainer, with a competitive powerlifting background. I am competitive by nature, and have done well in previous masters competitions.

But the last year or so I had become very injury prone; I wasn’t making the progress that I wanted

The main culprit was my shoulder, for the past 6 months the pain was becoming unbearable, whilst my mobility was getting drastically worse
I was doing everything I could; following an anti-inflammatory diet, taking BCAA’s, drinking supergreen drinks, including rehab exercises daily and drinking plenty of water. I was at my wits end!!!
I had a chat with the GLC guys at Divided We Fall in early November, where they explained the science. I took the plunge; at that point I felt that there was nothing to lose
I was right…

Within a month of taking GLC2000 I had seen a big improvement in my shoulder

There was absolutely no discomfort when I was doing any lifting or pulling. Honestly I can’t remember the last time that was the case!
It hasn’t really helped with a long term lower back injury that I have had for years since a very serious car crash. I only mention this to prove it’s not a wonderdrug!! But it’s definitely doing what I wanted it to do.
I would guess that GLC2000 lowers my body’s entire inflammatory cycle, because my tendons and ligaments all seem to heal a lot more quickly when I train. Even when I get a twinge in training, it doesn’t hurt the next day like it used to.

I know my body, and I know that GLC2000 has helped me reverse a serious injury, and continues to help me to recover faster

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