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Damien St Ledger – KBT Education Senior Educator

Dealing with chronic knee issues

I’ve always struggled with my knees, I’d tried every supplement and treatment out there. When I first heard of GLC2000 I just thought it was an overpriced glucosamine that was well advertised and marketed.
Eventually my training got to the stage where I couldn’t lift much more than 50% – and it was holding me back. So I ‘bit the bullet’ and bought my first tub of GLC2000.

“if you think this stuff is ‘just glucosamine’ you are way off the mark.”

Within a week I started feeling the benefits, within 2 weeks I was back training heavy. My training has gone through the roof since taking it.
The biggest change for me is that I’m not afraid of training anymore, it’s just no longer an issue. I’m not afraid of pulling under the bar, because I know my knees will hold up.
In the past I have had it where standing up out of a squat, I’d get half way up and have to bail out. I’d have to drop it because of the sharp pain in my knee.
Even getting out of a car – if my knee twisted anywhere outside my toes I’d get horrible pain.
It’s mad to think that I avoided GLC2000 for so long, that I struggled with training and constant soreness for so long. Honestly for anyone struggling with joint issues, if you think this stuff is ‘just glucosamine’ you are way off the mark. It lasts me two months a tub, less than a pound a day. But for the difference it’s made to my training and overall quality of life I’d pay so much more.
Damien St Ledger
KBT Senior Educator / Head Coach Next Generation Weightlifting Club

My GLC2000 Experiment Update

Just wanted to share a quick update on my GLC2000 progress. After a few conversations with people I started to doubt if this was actually doing anything for me, or if it was all just in my head?
So I took a week off using the product, and to be fair that was a big mistake. Before the end of the week my knee pain had returned, my joints felt dry and stiff, and my performance was drastically effected.
Needless to say I got straight back onto my GLC2000 and the magic (that’s the scientific term) is starting to work again. Moral of the story here if in doubt, just keep taking them. Believe me they are working. I messed up two weeks of my training with this little experiment, so hopefully you don’t have to.

Sam Dovey – KBT Education Managing Director

“Having worked with hundreds of athletes over many years, I fully understand that joint pain and recovery from minor injuries can really get in the way of training and cause a lot of frustration – something I have also personally experienced.
I’d heard some positive things about one particular product – the GLC2000 joint formula. As with everything we do at KBT education we wanted to see if it worked for ourselves.
The results have been impressive, and after this trial we feel confident to recommend GLC2000 to anyone suffering with joint discomfort.”

Cameron Lodge – Owner Simply Strength

“I have a family history of knee problems. A lot of my family have had knee surgeries and even knee replacements. This combined with being a weightlifter means that I tend to walk around with my knees feeling pretty beat up most of the time.
A week or so into my trial of GLC2000 I found that the constant aches in my knees seemed much less severe. As time went on, the general stiffness that I felt first thing in the morning began to subside, as well as a number of common aches in my other joints.
Also I found out the hard way if you forget to take GLC2000 for a few days, your aches come back fast.
So GLC2000 seems to do the job for sure. Well for me at least.”

Bobbie Ross – 63kg British Champion 2018 & KBT Educator

“I would have to wear wrist straps for every training session, as I knew my wrists were going to hurt. Even then my wrists were always sore after training.
Since using GLC2000 I rarely use my wrist straps, and all my other joints ache less as well.”

Noorin Gulam – 48kg British Champion 2018

“If you lift competitively or lead a lifestyle in sport you NEED to invest in GLC2000 it’s just the best thing.
I usually struggle with my crappy knees, but I’ve been consistent with GLC2000 for 2 months now and they’ve not felt this good in a LONG time.”

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