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Crossfit Rotator Cuff Rehab

“So I’ve just finished a 2 month trial of the supplement called GLC2000 which aims to improve the health of joints and connective tissues. After opting not to have surgery on my torn rotator cuff, torn labrum and torn cartilage I was looking for ways to reduce the pain and aggravation in my shoulder from training whilst I rehabbed it and built it stronger again.

Quite simply, this stuff has done an excellent job. I can’t observe that I’m ‘not in pain’ but I haven’t had an ibuprofen in two months and I used to need them most days, I’ve hit new personal bests with overhead movements, and I’ve trained far more effectively than I could have hoped. My shoulder is certainly stronger and range of motion is improving, but most importantly I can be fully active again. If you are in a similar position with joint problems I would definitely recommend a trial for 8 weeks and find the results for yourself”

Richard Hill Head Coach of Gritstone Crossfit

Originally posted 16th January 2018

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