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GLC2000 supports and protects the joints of some the Worlds best Crossfit athletes and coaches.
Crossfit boxes are the life blood of the Crossfit community, GLC2000 works closely with a number of coaches to make sure their athletes needs are met. Our marketing is purely through customer recommendation, and good coaches want the best for their athletes. We hope to see that this flight to quality products will lead to GLC2000 to be stocked across all European Crossfit Boxes in the future.
Sam Briggs, Europe Regional, Event 6
We offer exclusive deal to Crossfit Affiliates that wish to stock our product and provide easy access for their athletes.
With low minimum wholesale order levels, we can accommodate fledgling boxes up to established affiliates. After all GLC2000 just sitting on a shelf isn’t helping anyone. is the only distributor in Europe. This model allows us to provide GLC2000 at a competitive rate without any middlemen.
Meaning your Box can sell supplements to members however you see fit.
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