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Christmas Party Season Survival Guide [Joint Health Edition]

7 tips to keep your training on track over the festive season

1) Hydration is the answer.

Even if last night you couldn’t remember the question. Not only will dehydration make those Christmas party hangovers last longer, but it also increases your risk of injury.  Joint and connective tissue is up to 80% water, and decreases in tissue hydration are associated with increased risk of injuries.

2) Get moving.

After a night out there is temptation to sit (or lay) and not move for the entire day. A light workout to increase blood flow and release feel good endorphins can boost your mood and tackle tiredness. Not to mention prolonged periods of inactivity increase your injury likelihood.

3) Make your warmup a priority.

Christmas can add a lot of extra demands on your time; when pressed for time there is temptation to jump right into your workout. Cold weather, stiff muscles, and dehydration all increase likelihood of injury. This time of year is definitely the time to listen to your body, and if necessary take a longer warmup. You may even consider skipping the cardio, weights and metcon, and instead spend your time focusing on mobilising and stretching stiff muscles.

4) Training isn’t a punishment.

It can be tempting to try and hit the gym hard and try and work off all those extra Christmas party calories. But if you hurt yourself, then you can derail your training for months to come. Instead take your workout as an opportunity to reset your mind and body, not as a punishment for overindulging.

5) NSAIDs.

Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs are okay for short term use, such as waking up with a sore head. From a joint health perspective regular NSAID use, such as ibuprofen, slows healing process and weakens joint and connective tissue. If you’re regularly reaching for NSAIDs you’re slowing your training progress as well as opening yourself up to a host of other side effects.

6) Joint supplements are for Christmas.

Training less over the Christmas season could actually beneficial to your joint health. Think about it like this; regular training breaks down your joint tissues. A few weeks of lighter training, whilst still supplying your body with joint tissue building blocks, could lead to a noticeable improvement in joint and connective tissue function. So you can start 2019 stronger than ever.

7) Give your body a boost.

Overindulging, late nights and cold weather can take their toll on immune system. A phytonutrient rich fruit and vegetable greens drink like GRN20+ not only helps rehydrate, but supplies you with a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals. Plus it tastes great and is super refreshing.

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