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20.4 Mobility & Warmup Guide

20.4 Mobility & Warmup Routine

Make sure 20.4 doesn’t crush you

This workout will crush you if you don’t warm up effectively.

Mobility Video: This mobility & warm up guide will make sure your shoulders are open and your wrists are properly prepped to make the jerks easier.

We’ll also help improve your mobility for those clean and jerks as well as those dreaded pistols by working on your glute activation and ankle dorsiflexion.

Weighted Mobility: After the mobility guide we’d also recommend some weighted mobility work using the barbell to prep yourself for that heavy barbell work. Sit in the Front Squat position, or deep power position and warm your shoulders up with the barbell overhead.

CNS Prep: Then work up to a couple of heavy clean and jerks so your body is ready to receive a heavy barbell whilst you’re fatigued and still be able to get it over head.

Strategy tips: Make sure you’ve got enough rest as you move up to the heavier barbell, as missing on pistols and heavy lifts will be costly.

Spend longer than you usually would warming up for this workout, focus on warming up for the movements that are going to cause you problems.

You’ll definitely reap the rewards during 20.4

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