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Open 20.2 – Warmup & Mobility Guide

Strategy, Warmup, Mobility & Workout Prep

Everything you need to finish strong in 20.2:

1. Strategy & Equipment: Maintaining a consistent pace is the key bossing a 20 min AMRAP.

How you set up your dumbbells and rope is important. If possible set them up around 5 steps from the pullup bar, and the same distance between each other in a triangle. You’re trying to build a mini circuit where the steps between each exercise is the rest to catch your breath, helping to keep a consistent pace. Try not to stop dead and rest at any point as this will break your rhythm.

As the minutes tick by keep in mind how you place your equipment down, DBs side by side ready to go and be sure not to throw your rope after the DUs – there’s nothing harder than untangling a rope 15 mins into a 20 minute AMRAP (except maybe untangling headphones out of your pocket, but that’s another story).

Be conservative with your pace early on, break your reps earlier than you think you need to. The volume of T2B and DUs can soon catch up with you in this workout. This should help you push towards the end and overtake athletes who set off too fast.

2. Aerobic Warmup: Spend 10-15 mins raising your core temperature and warming up and creating the same movement patterns required for 20.2 but at a slower pace.

Rowing, step-ups, pushups, air squats, toes-2-rings and single unders. These should get all the necessary muscle groups firing.

3. Mobilise to perform: Highest volume movement in this workout is the double unders, so spend some time preparing your plantar fascia (feet) and calves will help avoid discomfort and possible cramps.

Shoulders and grip are also going to be tested in the toes-2-bar – so even with the warmup and mobility prep we recommend breaking earlier than you think you’ll need to.

Full mobility video from MAP Rehab below definitely worth a watch:

Once you’ve spent 10 mins or so mobilising and working on your specific stiff areas you should feel loose and ready to go.

4. Moderate Thrusters: Now spend up to 10 mins building up to a moderately heavy DB thruster triple. This will grease the groove for the thrusters in the workout and make the workout weight feel more manageable.

Keep the movement snappy and don’t be tempted to go too heavy, this isn’t a 3 rep max.

5. Practice rounds: Set up your equipment, and do 3 sets of the following at around an 80% intensity level:

20 cal row, then 3 rounds of 2/4 DB Thrusters, 2/4 T2B, 10/15 DB DUs.

Rest as needed.

Hope this has been helpful. Good luck!

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