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Open 20.1 – 4 Step Warmup & Mobility Guide

4 step warmup & mobility guide to increase performance & prevent injury

Don’t let tight muscles or stiff joints derail your CF Open performance:

1. General Warmup: Spend 10-15 mins raising your core temperature and warming up the muscle groups that are going to be engaged during 20.1.

A combination of 250m row, lunges, press-ups, kettlebell swings and burpees would work well but feel free to substitute movements in.

Keep the pace steady – the aim here is to raise the heart rate, get some blood flowing to the required muscle groups and give you a few beads of sweat to show for it.

2. Once you’re warm it’s time to look at some mobility work to improve ROM and positioning for the workout. Our focus here is the shoulders, upper and lower back, along with hamstrings.

Check out the video below.

Once you’ve spent 10 mins or so mobilising and working on your specific stiff areas you should feel loose and ready to go.

3. Next we want to work up to a moderately heavy touch n go ground to overhead. Whatever style you’re going to tackle this movement in the workout, either power snatch or power clean and jerk. Or whatever works for you.

The key here is to not take too long or tax yourself.

4.Set up your bar at the correct weight. Do 2-3 rounds exactly how you plan on doing them throughout the entire workout. This is to give you an idea if the pace you’re aiming for is too ambitious and whether you need to make any adjustments.

Rest as needed.

Now you’re ready to tackle 20.1 – hope this little guide helps. Good luck!

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