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20.5 Mobility & Warmup Guide

20.5 Mobility & Warmup Routine Mobility work to save your shoulders & help you fly through those wall balls. There’s plenty to test your shoulders in this workout, so we want to ensure good positions especially under fatigue. There’s also a lot on squatting during the 120 wall balls so we want to move any … Read more

20.4 Mobility & Warmup Guide

20.4 Mobility & Warmup Routine Make sure 20.4 doesn’t crush you This workout will crush you if you don’t warm up effectively. Mobility Video: This mobility & warm up guide will make sure your shoulders are open and your wrists are properly prepped to make the jerks easier. We’ll also help improve your mobility for … Read more

Mobility, Warmup & Strategy CF Open 20.3

Open 20.3 Mobility, Warmup and Strategy Guide Are you fitter than 18.4?: Open workout 20.3 requires a lot of pretty heavy deadlifts. Activating and mobilising your posterior chain will help you survive a lot of hip hinging. The HSPU movement standards and handstand walks mean we’ll need to open the shoulders and mobilise the upper … Read more

Carrie Ogilvie-Brown

Carrie Barbell

My Elbow and Knee Problems were better within one tub My elbows and knees have always ached. As I increased my training to 6 days a week I started to struggle with recovery, and these occasional aches became pretty much constant. I started picking up small injuries and niggles in both my elbows and knees, … Read more

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