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18.4 Mobility and Activation Guide

Heavy Deadlift Edition There is no shying away from the fact that 18.4 is a lot of deadlifts. These will tax you midline and then going upside down for HSPU and handstand walks is going to cause you to move from lower back flexion to extension in a fatigued state. If you don’t warmup effectively … Read more

18.3 Mobility Guide

Focussing on improving overhead positioning and kipping efficiency 18.3 is a lot of double unders followed by some quite technical movements. Overhead squats, dumbbell snatches and muscle ups are tricky enough when you’ve not just done 100’s of double unders. Mobilising your upper back and shoulders before this workout will help you to stabilise the … Read more

Open 18.2 Mobility & Warmup Guide

Tips to get your glutes & posterior chain firing, and improve your front rack. Workout 18.2 is another chance for those the dumbbells to have an outing, this time in a couplet with the new burpee standard. 18.2 is an ascending couplet of 1-10 DB squats and bar facing burpees. Followed immediately by 18.2a, which … Read more

Open 18.1 Mobility Tips

Helping You Improve Your Kipping Efficiency and Overhead Position Congratulations if you managed to stay up and watch GLC2000 athlete Sam Briggs smash Crossfit Open workout 18.1 in the live announcement overnight in São Paulo, Brazil. Don’t worry if you haven’t watch it yet, there are no spoilers here. Workout 18.1 is a triplet consisting … Read more

Mobility & Movement Seminar

Principles For Coaches To Assess And Improve Mobility & Movement Presented by Mobilise Activate Perform & GLC2000 Most people understand that they should be doing something to look after their joints, loosen up and increase their flexibility. There is a wealth of information available, but having access to a library of drills or stretches is … Read more

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