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Carrie Ogilvie-Brown

Carrie Barbell

My Elbow and Knee Problems were better within one tub

My elbows and knees have always ached. As I increased my training to 6 days a week I started to struggle with recovery, and these occasional aches became pretty much constant.

I started picking up small injuries and niggles in both my elbows and knees, affecting my enjoyment and progress.

Supplements didn’t help

I tried a few joint supplement brands which didn’t work for me.

I’d heard good things about GLC2000 – other athletes who’d had similar problems now swore by it.

Enjoying training again

So I gave it a go and the results were pretty impressive. My joint aches were gone within the first tub, and I was enjoying training again.

I’ve been using GLC2000 for just over 12 months and it means I can train 6x a week.

It’s also great as it’s totally safe – as it’s independently tested, so that’s one less thing to worry about.

Why I use GLC2000:

  • Felt a huge benefit within one tub
  • I can now train 6x a week
  • Informed Sport Certified for peace of mind
  • Comes highly recommended from top athletes

Video Transcript

Hi guys, just a quick review on the reason I take the GLC2000 supplements.

So I’m a Crossfit athlete and I train up to six times a week.

It’s really really important to me to know I’m supporting that training,

for recovery purposes, through my nutrition and supplementation.

I’ve been taking this product now for just over 12 months.

Any aches and pains that I used to get, in my elbows, knees things like that.

Have totally totally gone, which is absolutely amazing.

Another huge benefit of this product for me, is that it is actually ‘Trusted by Sport.’

So I know that it’s totally safe for athletes to use.

That’s a huge huge benefit and means a lot to me. So yeah, thanks guys.

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