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Carl Coates

Crossfit All Out member testimonial

‘I couldn’t reach full depth on my squat before GLC2000’

Carl Coates Front SquatI’m 48yrs old and I’ve been doing CrossFit for around 16 months now. I have struggled with knee & elbow joint pain, which has meant I’ve not been able to get full depth on squats & had severe pain in my knees when running.
I was introduced to GLC2000 at battle of the beasts. At first I was a bit unsure about it, thinking it’s just a sales pitch. But how wrong I was!!
I’ve been taking GLC2000 since about November 2014. After about 1 month of taking them I could feel the difference, no problem with full depth squats & running, no more golfers elbow pain (I don’t even play golf).

I won’t be without my supply of GLC2000 now. I’ve even got my wife taking them to help with her arthritis & shoulder pain. Again, she had only been taking the capsules for about 1 month before she felt a big difference.

I would recommend GLC2000 to anyone with joint pain, not only crossfitters / sportspersons

Carl Coates Row CF All Out

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