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Bobbie Ross – Weightlifting Wrist Injury

I’ve had weak wrists for as long as I can remember. Meaning that I would wear wrist supports almost every session, as I knew they were going to hurt. I also struggled with sore hips after heavy squatting sessions, as an Olympic Weightlifter I am usually squatting four or more times a week.

My coach had heard some good things about GLC2000, so recommended that I give it a try.

After around 11 weeks of consistent use I found that I was only reaching for my wrist supports once or twice a week – so I definitely feel as though my wrists are getting stronger. It’s great not to be worrying about my wrists hurting when I go to catch a lift, such a confidence boost.
All my strength numbers are going up as well, and I’ve noticed my hip flexors aren’t as sore after heavy squat sessions. Generally I’m coping really well with the increased training volume since I’ve started using GLC2000. It’s definitely something I will be continuing to use.
Bobbie Ross
English Weightlifting Champion 63kg 2018

11005080_840992015944753_1654743865_n I have struggled with tight wrists and shoulders ever since I started crossfit and weightlifting.The worst part for me was the dorsiflexion of my wrists being in a push up or handstand push up was tricky and often painful.
I saw a few different specialists that told me to rest or stay away from any stressful positions. It got to the point where to do push ups or handstand push ups I had to elevate the heel of my hand with plates, almost like a lifting shoe would for your foot.

Jordan Handstand Walk 99 problems instaDuring the 2014 Crossfit Regionals I injured my wrist during a handstand walk which was the 2nd workout. It was painful throughout the rest of the two day competition, and the next day I could barely move it.
Four months after regionals and there was hardly any improvement. This meant I’d not been able to back squat, front squat, clean or do any form of pressing due to the pressure on the wrist.
I regularly work with top physios and a movement specialist, and even they couldn’t get to the bottom of it


“My main job is mum to four kids. A tough but very rewarding job! Plus I work part-time for my husband doing the admin stuff he hates.
I had a shoulder impingement for years that I just tried to control with anti-inflammatory meds. Now I can manage my shoulder and other aches with just GLC2000. I would say GLC2000 is a must for masters athletes.”


“I’ve had shoulder and elbow issues for years, these are brought on by my job which involves lots of repetitive gripping and hammering. This affects my training and my work, so I used to spend £160 a month on chiropractor visits.
GLC2000 costs me less than £25 a month for better results! I know I’ll be able to follow my training programme after a busy day at work, and be certain that the following day I will be able to work again”


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