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18 Months Of Knee Pain Left Me Feeling Weak, Unfit & In Constant Pain

Nothing Was Working Until ONE Piece Of Advice Changed Everything For Me

Robert Freeman 19 January 2023

I’d have laughed if you’d told me I’d be able to snatch this weight 6 months ago

Knee pain sucks. Especially the older you get. It seems like once you hit your mid 30’s you’re always dealing with some kind of injury. I was no different…

I want to share with you how in less than 6 months I went from not being able to do an ‘air squat’ without what felt like a thousand hot needles being stabbed deep in my knee – to competing in a local olympic weightlifting competition. And consistently hitting weights I haven’t since my late 20’s absolutely pain free.

If it hadn’t happened to me I wouldn’t have believed it. My unbelievable transformation can be traced back to one piece of advice from an old family friend. If you’re anything like me and feel that nothing you try is helping your knees, read on and I’ll share that exact advice with you now…

I always thought getting the occasional niggle in your knees was par for the course when you’re someone who lifts weights and regularly trains hard. I don’t know about you but since my mid 30’s I’ve found that these niggles have become more frequent, lasted longer and are generally harder to overcome.

Just A Normal Ache

Even a few short years ago when I got an injury – I’d dial my training back a bit, do some more mobility and stretching for a week or so and my body would heal. And I’d be back training as normal.

Then those things stopped working. Looking back I’d been struggling with my left knee for over 18 months. At first there was some discomfort when I was training. Squats, lunges, Oly lifts were the worst. But a longer, more targeted warmup helped.

Soon the warmups became less effective and I was getting a dull ache for a few days after training. So along with my extra warmup I did more stretching after each training session. And again I thought I’d cracked it. Things seemed to be getting better. I’d have what I thought was a ‘normal amount’ of soreness for someone my age. But even that didn’t last.

A friend joked that I spent more time doing my warm up, mobility, cool down and stretches than I was actually training!

That’s not the advice I mentioned to you before – but he was right.

For the first time in my life I was dreading going to the gym. I felt weak, unfit and absolutely miserable. How had the one thing I looked forward to every day turned into this!?

It was the start of December so I thought why not take some time off the gym totally – absolute rest for the next few weeks and see how I felt in the new year?

Christmas Party

Fast forward 10 days of no training and there was zero improvement. Even with a little light stretching and mobility work at home I was still hobbling around and really struggling with day to day tasks like driving, using stairs, even standing up for any length of time hurt like hell.

I was standing in the kitchen at my parents annual Christmas party, wearing a jumper with a reindeer on the front. As I leant against the worksurface the discomfort of my knee was plastered across my face for everyone to see. Socialising was the last thing on my mind.

My Dad’s oldest friend, Larry, ignored the sour look on my face and made a beeline for me.

“Your Dad said you’ve had to take a break from exercise because of your knees” he said.

Larry has been an orthopedic surgeon for 42 years – so when he started asking about my knees my first thought was that he wanted to give me a business card for when I inevitably needed surgery.

An Orthopedic Surgeon Calls

I explained that my knees were getting worse and worse. I felt my eyes were welling up as I explained how long this had been going on. That nothing was working anymore. And that I had run out of ideas. Things were going from bad to worse and I felt absolutely hopeless.

The next 5 minutes of conversation changed my life…

“You’re doing all the right things – you’re just missing one thing that you wouldn’t have had to worry about when you were younger – let me explain.” Larry continued…

“You’re a fit guy – what would happen if you trained hard for months and only ate half of the protein that your body needed everyday?”

“Your muscles would be constantly sore, you’d get weaker and if you continued to train you’d get a string of injuries. Right?”

“Does that sound like what’s happening with your knees right now?”

He continued to explain that joints and their supporting connective tissues don’t repair using protein like muscles.

How it actually works is your body needs to create essential nutrients that are used to repair the damage.

What happens when you get to your age is your body makes less of those essential nutrients.

So there’s not enough for your joints to fully repair and recover.

So you might have a month or so where those tissues are only 98% recovered. Still good. Not even noticeable. But no longer 100%.

Imagine this goes on for months. And six months down the road your joints are only 80% recovered. That’s 80% as strong, flexible, lubricated, resistant to outside forces. You’ll probably have started to notice that by now. This is where you started stretching, warming up, training a bit lighter.

Our bodies are really good at compensating and helping work round injuries so often we don’t even notice until we’re dealing with a lot of damage.

Is Stretching a Waste of Time?

Most people think that warmups, stretching, mobility all work by loosening off tight muscles around sore joints. Whilst that’s true it’s the increase in blood flow to the area being worked on that is most useful as that SHOULD increase the amount of essential nutrients to joints for repair and recovery.

That’s why those things would work when you were younger. You were producing enough of those nutrients for your body to repair. Now you’re not – they won’t get you the same result.

So What Can You Do?

Sadly we’ve not found a way to turn back the clock and make your body produce more of these essential nutrients. In fact your body will continue to make less of these nutrients every year.

There’s no getting away from the fact that the older you get the tougher it is for your knees to recover. But here’s some good news..

You can get the missing nutrients to your joints by consistently using a high quality joint supplement. If the right amount of nutrients get to your knees for weeks and months then your body starts repairing like it did when you were younger.

I recommend a supplement to my patients that closely mimics how your body provides nutrients to joints. It uses a unique combination of ingredients to ensure you have a 24hr supply of nutrients so your body has exactly what it needs when it needs it.

The best results I’ve seen always come from GLC2000

It provides around the clock essential nutrients for your joints by combining:

Pharmaceutical grade ingredients

Patented Formulation

Tailored Dosing

These are the three most important factors when it comes to choosing a joint supplement and I’ve not found a single brand that gets results like GLC2000. Use it consistently for a few months and you’ll be amazed how your knees feel.

I thanked Larry for his advice and wasted no time in ordering GLC2000 on my phone. I’d tried high street and supermarket joint supplements in the past and didn’t really notice anything. Let me share my experience with you now…

A Unique Approach

My package of GLC2000 arrived a few days later – which I was impressed with as it was around the busy Christmas delivery period. I tore it open and grabbed one of the tubs, scanned the label for serving instructions.

The dosing based on my bodyweight was something that I’d never seen with other joint supplements. As was the fact that you’d take it twice a day. This was to make sure I got the right amount of essential nutrients for my size and to make sure that my joints had a consistent supply day and night. Which made total sense to me.

Within the first few weeks I wasn’t sure if anything was happening – although I did notice after about a week I was waking up feeling refreshed. So maybe I was able to get a bit more comfortable in bed and sleeping better as a result?

It was around the third week that I noticed my knee wasn’t sore as I got out of the car. And tackling stairs first thing in the morning didn’t put the fear of god in me. In fact I hadn’t felt that nagging constant ache for a few days.

This continued and I felt confident enough to ease myself back into the gym. I avoided any exercise that might’ve flared my knees up but was happy to get moving and get a bit of a sweat on.

The Real Test

My alarm went off the following morning. This was the real test. I lay there expecting to feel my knees throbbing.

But nothing.

As I put my feet on the carpet and slowly stood up. Still no pain.

This was the first time in over a year that I’d trained and not felt anything in my knees when I woke up. I was in disbelief.

Then I took a few tentative steps. All good.

I actually had knees that weren’t angry at me for keeping fit – it felt too good to be true.


Over the next month I built up my training and even reintroduced some of my problem movements again. Sure there were some days where I overdid it and my knees let me know about it. But it was nothing like what I’d been dealing with for the past year or so. This actually felt manageable…

I was making progress. Training regularly. And doing it all with a smile on my face.

Fast forward another couple of months of GLC2000 and my squats are smooth, stable and fast.

And I’m not training like the next painful injury is just around the corner. Talking about confidence just the other day I equaled my pre-injury squat PB!

I’ve even signed myself up for a local olympic weightlifting competition – If you’d told me I’d be able to snatch or clean a heavy barbell 6 months ago I would’ve laughed in your face. Now anything is possible now.

You Can Make The Change

I used to think that knee pain was inevitable. And the older I got the more I was going to have to give up and miss out on. But I’m grateful everyday that I found out about GLC2000.

That one conversation helped me FINALLY get to the root cause of what was causing all my knee problems and allowed my body to naturally repair and recover.

I really hope that I have explained it half as well as it was explained to me.

Knee pain is not something you have to put up with. You don’t need to let it wear you down and steal the enjoyment from your life. GLC2000 turned things around for me and it will turn things around for you.

Here’s the tough truth that you probably already know. If you want different results you need to do something different. Make a definitive decision right now to get different results:

Real People, Real Results

“I had bad knees for 12 years. Not anymore – I can’t tell you how much GLC2000 has helped me.”

“I’d have pain in my knees when I ran and trained – but I don’t get that at all now”

“Knee arthritis used to mean I struggled to get out of bed in the morning. But now my knees don’t hurt anymore.”

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