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Ben Gilmore

Over my ten year military career I have been an active member of the parachute regiment, before becoming a physical training instructor (PTI) for 22 SAS. I’ve been a member of the P Company staff for selection of potential Parachute Regiment recruits as well as second in command of physical fitness at first battalion Parachute Regiment.
My current role in the Royal Army Physical At the Army School of Physical Training is training new PTI’s. These roles are extremely hands on, potential instructors do as much physical activity and in some cases more than new recruits. This combined with my own training outside the gym caused me to suffer with knee and ankle issues.

“discomfort in my knees and ankles continued to get worse”

Lower limb injuries are the single highest cause for drop outs in the army, so I have always tried to take precautions to minimize injury risk. I’d always taken joint supplements but never really knew if they were making any difference.

As time went on the discomfort in my knees and ankles continued to get worse and my mobility began to decrease. It was taking me a long time to warm up before I trained, and i was extremely stiff if I was static for any significant period.

“to the credit of GLC2000 I started to notice significant benefits within a few weeks”

I’d been recommended GLC2000 by quite a few people, I hoped it wasn’t like other joint supplements that over promised and under delivered. But to the credit of GLC2000 I started to notice significant benefits within a few weeks of using it. These improvements in comfort and mobility continued through the entire 8 week supply of the tub.
After I had finished my first tub of GLC2000 I forgot to reorder, with a couple of weeks I felt my mobility begin to decrease, as well as the stiffness and aches start to return. This left no doubt in my mind that it was GLC2000 that had helped me.
Within a couple of weeks of consistently using GLC2000 again I noticed improvements again.
Everyday in my PTI role I see people who are suffering similar lower limb injuries, and do not hesitate to recommend GLC2000 to them. I know that it will help them, just like it helped me.
SGT Ben Gilmore
Royal Army Physical Training Corp

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