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Angelo Flammia

‘The Difference to my Elbow Tendinitis is Amazing’

Just under a year ago I decided to concentrate on improving my Gymnastics. Being a heavier Athlete this was something that had always been a weakness of mine and in a short period of time I went from doing very basic gymnastics movements as they came up in workouts to high volume strict Gymnastics including legless rope climbs, weighted pull ups, lots of Strict Holds and Ring work on a daily Basis.
Angelo Truck PullCombined with Heavy lifting, I started suffering with Elbow pain. I ignored it at first but after a few weeks it became evident that there was a problem. It wasn’t long before I was unable to hold an empty barbell in the rack position without severe shooting pains through my elbow and arm, and any form of pulling would cause me pain.
I went to see the doctors and was told I had Tendonitis in my Elbow and that the only way for it to fully recover was to rest. I was left with no choice but to taper my training and work around this injury.
I did this for a few months and then decided to try and incorporate a bit more Barbell work and some light gymnastics. I was taking lots of Ibuprofen before and after sessions which helped for a while but the problem wasn’t going away.
Angelo SnatchA few months ago I saw a friend of mine had started taking GLC2000. I had researched the product and my initial opinion was that it was a glorified Glucosamine Supplement. I was wrong…
I was sent a 2 month sample and decided to give it a bash. In the last month, whilst using GLC2000 I have managed to get my lifting numbers back up to a reasonable standard and am able to do most things with very little pain.
I still get some pain in my elbow, but the difference that GLC2000 has made is amazing. There is still a way to go, but I am confident that with the help of this supplement it will be back to normal in no time.
Angelo Flammia
Co Owner and Coach at CrossFit Greater Brislington

SiD Crossfit GB

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