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Amy Laffan

My name is Amy Laffan I am a personal trainer, European Regional level Crossfitter, and soon to be hitting Irish qualifying total for the Olympics. I wouldn’t have done any of this without GLC2000.
It was during the 2013 Crossfit Open that I injured my shoulder. Being stubborn I pushed through, bar muscle ups did me no favours. I rested for a couple of days and continued to push through the open workouts.
The range of motion in my shoulder continued to deteriorate.
I couldn’t even demo a strict press with an empty 15 kilo bar. I saw a number of physiotherapists, no one could get to the root of the problem. Some told me it was a SLAP tear another insisted it was tightness in my pec. There was no strength in my left shoulder, I had to use my right hand in order to push my left arm overhead!

“My shoulder was so bad I wouldn’t be able to lift an empty bar without GLC2000”

This wasn’t just inconvenient by stopping me training, I’m a personal trainer so this injury affected my livelihood.
A lot of people had mentioned the brilliant results they had from GLC2000 to me. Fellow trainer at Crossfit Waterford and Master’s athlete Martina Galgey from as far back as 2012, Tom Dunphy owner of Crossfit Waterford avoided shoulder surgery, Crossfit Games champion Samantha Briggs to name just a few.

Even with this shoulder problem I was the only Irish athlete to qualify for Regionals.
My training programme was rejigged to avoid movements that irritated my shoulder, I continued doing my mobility drills and then supplemented with GLC2000
I honestly believe that GLC2000 helped my injury to repair far more quickly and it helped me get to the Crossfit European Regionals in really good shape.
Now I’m focussing on my Olympic Lifting and making good progress. Not sure I’d be lifting more than an empty barbell without GLC2000.

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