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Alex Clarke – Stubborn Wrist Injury

In the Summer of 2014 I injured my wrist catching a heavy clean. It slipped off my shoulder and bent my wrist at a very awkward angle.
As a full time coach this did more than affect my training, it meant I struggled to demo even the most basic of movements. Push ups hurt, overhead squats were painful, and presses even with an empty barbell were out of the question.

“I was really impressed in how quickly my range of motion and strength increased”

Alex Clarke CF TonbridgeIn my own training I had to do any movement that was from the front rack position from behind my neck (Presses and Jerks) and Fronts squats had to be modified with one arm out straight whilst the other was in the rack position!

“I started taking GLC2000 in the middle of November, and was really impressed how quickly I noticed improvements in my range of motion and strength”

I took part in the Strength in Depth team competition in early December and actually competed in a heavy Front Squat workout with a comfortable rack position. This was an amazing improvement in just a few weeks, considering my wrist injury had been causing me serious problems for over 4 months without any signs of getting better.
I am already seeing a similar improvement in a long term issue I have with a prolapsed disc in my back. I used to get quite severe regular flare ups which meant I could barely move for over a week, these are getting fewer and farther between and much less severe. So fingers crossed this is rebuilding the cartilage and strengthening the disc.
Alex Clarke
Head Coach & Owner Crossfit Tonbridge

Originally Published 5th Apr 2015

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