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Advantages of GLC2000

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What is GLC2000?

GLC2000 is an all-natural oral formulation for treating arthritis symptoms and maintaining joint health.
Its formulation is patented and built around two active ingredients: glucosamine and chondroitin.
These two active ingredients are not simply combined in GLC2000; they are combined in specific ratios and by a patented delivery mechanism that ensures that GLC2000 produces an absorption and bio-availability profile superior to other joint support formulas made out of the same ingredients.
The formulation of GLC2000 has been clinically tested in animal models and is designed to offer a better therapeutic profile than other competing products.
The formula contains more chondroitin and glucosamine than most other joint support medications on the market. This produces improved serum levels of these two main active ingredients ensuring that they stay longer in the system to produce longer lasting effects.
GLC2000 contains no binders and fillers. It is a pure, all-natural joint support formula that has been proven effective by a clinical trial spanning 8 years.
The GLC formula uses high strength and multiple forms of glucosamine to improve bio-availability.
Each glucosamine salt has a different absorption, distribution and therapeutic profile in the body, which is used to give you the best results.
It quickly raises and then sustains the blood level of glucosamine to help form the building blocks of the cartilage.
GLC2000 has a high degree of success amongst its users, particularly elderly people and people with active lifestyles.

GLC2000 has been proven effective by a long-running and independent clinical trial. It is easy to see how it could prove superior to other joint support formulas in a long-term study.

GLC2000 acts faster than similar formulations. This is because it includes four different type of glucosamine in a higher concentration than other products and pairs them with chondroitin sulfate.
This combination speeds up the repair of damaged cartilage slowing degeneration and producing a significantly higher anabolic repair effect.
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