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Acute Joint Issues

GLC2000. More Than Glucosamine.

High strength joint formula designed to provide what joints need to thrive.

60 day supply; double the industry standard


The Missing Pieces

Training and competing is tough on the body. Sometimes injuries happen.
In every aspect of life, joint and connective tissues work as hard as muscles. They need specific nutrients to repair effectively, these are often overlooked in the recovery process, so joint injuries heal more slowly.
Simply focusing on what your joints need can improve things dramatically.
Chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine are key building blocks used for a number of important processes including repairing damaged joint and connective tissue.
Research has shown that not having enough chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine around the joints can slow tissue repair.

Proven. By Science.

Oral supplementation has been shown to successfully reach joints in sufficient quantity and quality. Providing building blocks for healthy new joint tissue.

Quality by Design. Setting GLC2000 Apart.

GLC2000 is developed using only the highest quality pharmaceutical grade ingredients. This patented formulation has demonstrated superior bioavailability to generic joint formulas.

Results Driven. Precision in Production.

Each batch of GLC2000 undergoes independent third party testing to ensure the final product matches the formulation with precision. Be assured that the ingredients on the label, are exactly what’s in the package.
This has always been part of our quality assurance programme, and always will be. Guaranteeing quality and results.

Safe for Athletes. Effective for All.

Informed Sport certified for peace of mind. GLC2000 is batch tested for WADA banned substance to safeguard athletes health and careers.

Chondroitin Sulfate. A4.

Not all chondroitin sulfate is created equally. The primary ingredient in GLC2000 is chondroitin sulfate A4, it’s low molecular weight and high purity means it is absorbability is unrivalled. So more reaches your joints.
Even if you’ve used chondroitin sulfate in the past, it’s unlikely that you’ve used chondroitin sulfate A4.

Glucosamine. Stronger Together.

The comprehensive GLC2000 formulation contains all four bioavailable forms of glucosamine. It is so much more than glucosamine sulfate.
Each unique form of glucosamine has different benefits and the combination provides a synergistic support for a variety of joint and connective tissue throughout the body.

Strength. Through Synergy.

GLC2000’s research backed, full spectrum formulation provides the optimal dose of active ingredients tailored to bodyweight. Providing superior results.

60 day supply; double the industry standard


What our customers say:


Reversing a SLAP tear in my shoulder

“I developed a shoulder problem which meant I could hardly train. After a consultation with the top shoulder surgeon in the country, he diagnosed me with a severe tear in the labrum of my shoulder, and told me surgery was the only viable option. I booked in my operation for a few months time as I was desperate to get back training.
About a month before my operation I heard about GLC2000 and it’s rave reviews. I bought a tub straight away. By the time I went to see the surgeon, he was impressed with the progress the tear had made. He wanted to hold off the surgery as the GLC2000 was definitely improving things. My shoulder is now fine, without any surgery.”

Sam Briggs Knee Supplement

Recovering from fracturing my knee

“At the beginning of 2012 I fractured my patella. After I got the okay start training again, I tried various supplements to help deal with the way it ached after almost every training session.
One of the benefits of being a Games athlete is that people give you things to try. I agreed to trial GLC2000 for the 2 months of the tub, and stop using any other joint supplements.
After only a month of using GLC2000 I noticed a huge difference. The soreness and discomfort was decreasing, and I felt confident enough to push myself in training again. I’m not saying GLC2000 is a miracle, but it did what it promised. Something no other joint supplement could.”


There was a constant ache in my elbow

“I’d been trying to work and train around elbow tendinitis or ‘golfer’s elbow’ for about 4 months. I’d rest it and it would seem to improve, then as soon as I did any movements like pull-ups, rope climbs or muscle ups it would flare up. This meant I couldn’t train for the next few days, it was very frustrating.
Within 10 days of using GLC2000 I noticed a significant improvement. The dull ache was gone, and no matter how many pull-ups or muscle ups I did there were no flare ups. You couldn’t ask for anything more from a product.”

Recovering Knee Surgery

After 2 knee surgeries I wouldn’t be without GLC2000

“I’ve always had weak knees, I’ve ruptured my patella tendon, and also ripped my kneecap clean off. After various surgeries my knee felt constantly sore and not very stable.
After two weeks of GLC2000 I couldn’t believe the difference. No more hobbling down the stairs in the morning, no more taking anti-inflammination medication and my knee feels stronger than ever.
I also noticed the effect it had on all my joints. Fingers, wrists and shoulders felt like I had years taken off them.”

Snatch Joint Health

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