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68 and I've run the London marathon

“A truly inspiring story that should be read by all”

As a grandmother, Penny’s joints are of course not what they used to be. Around 10 years ago she began to suffer with discomfort in her knees and the GLC2000 joint formula helps her deal with this. For the last 10 years Penny and her husband have sworn by this supplement, her grandchildren even joke about the fact she brings it on holiday! Penny believes that without the GLC2000, whilst her mind would have been willing, her body wouldn’t have got her round the gruelling 26 mile course. She said “On the evening after the Marathon, my daughter and her husband rang from Australia, assuming I wouldn’t be able to get up and down the stairs, but I had no twinges in my knees at all. They were very surprised having both run marathons in the past.” Two of Penny’s daughters and a son-in-law all ran in the London Marathon two years ago in aid of JDRF.
We won’t however be seeing Penny run another marathon. She very firmly stated “it was a one off: never before, never again!” The Tree family will however be staunchly continuing their support of the JDRF. Penny says, “there has been more progress made in the last 5 years than the last 50 in finding a cure for diabetes.” She would like more than anything for her granddaughter to lead a normal life free from the constant blood tests and insulin injections every time she eats. “I would just like my granddaughter to be able to enjoy her life and do the things that children love to do, such as go on sleepovers and off on outings with friends, without the constant fear of what could happen if her insulin levels are wrong. Every penny raised for the JDRF could help make this a reality.”
For more information about Juvenile Diabetes, visit and for further information on GLC2000 To donate to Penny’s web page visit
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